Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where exactly is Comayagüela?

When we first heard Tyler was going to Honduras we weren't exactly sure where it was. We pulled out a map and discovered that it is located South of Guatemala, North of Nicaragua, and shares a border with El Salvador and sea with Belize.
It was pretty difficult trying to figure out where exactly the mission boundaries were because the map in his packet was low resolution so we couldn't read the cities, but after awhile of comparing multiple maps we were able to outline his mission within Honduras and parts of El Salvador

When researching where and what Comayagüela is it was pretty confusing at first. It is the capitol's, Tegucigalpa, sister city west of the river that divides the city. Comayagüela is considered a sub-city of Tegucigalpa.
Also some other exciting news, the first Temple in Honduras (Tegucigalpa Temple) is being built in Tyler's mission boundaries in the western half of the city after the original building site was discontinued because of city officials not approving. It is scheduled to be finished in 2012.