Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week 94

Hola familia,
    Well another good week here in tiloarque. We are gettin into the groove of things, its pretty tough opening an area but the ward has made it a little easier...lots of references that the members didnt want to give to the sisters haha. This week we found 17 new investigators and 5 new families...it has been pretty good. Lots of contacting in the street and references. Its been kind of cool to see how much easier missionary work is now than it was at the beginning of my mission. Its been a good experience training so far. Im really able to polish up and take advantage of good companionship study. There are lots of good families progressing, just have a few problems with divorces and weddings...as usual. But we have also been working a lot with less actives who have family who arent baptized..ive never been in an area with less actives that loved the missionaries. 
   So for mothers day i already found a place to skype. so let me know when you guys can let me know whats going on over there in the states and what will work out for you.
   How is everything going back home? sorry i dont really have much to write or much time to write it. Im sure i will have more to write when we get more investigators. oh yeah, next tuesday on the 7th we are going to the temple!! im really excited.

well let me know how everything is going at home. les amo mucho!

con amor,
Elder Archibald.

ps...i had a dream last night about working at the MTC haha any prospects there? also Zombies were attacking comayagua in the same dream

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