Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week 15

Hola Familia!
this week flew by, also my first 6 weeks are done! it has gone be pretty quick actually...and i hear they just keep getting faster and faster. well 2 elders from my district got transfered, elder Dunlop and Elder Polamalu. i was kind of bummed to hear that they are leaving because we are pretty good friends. also they told me and Perez that we had to go to the transfer meeting even though neither of us were getting changed. We had to go to bring another companionship to our apartment. they are gonna live with us for about a week while their house is getting ready or something like that. its been fun to have some more people around the house and change things up. they arent working in our area, but the area that is right next to ours, their area is closed to white people hah.
but weve been having more success this week too, we are finding more people to teach and we have 13 with baptismal dates. we have 3 families that we are teaching and its been cool to see them progress because theyve been investigating the church for years and years before, some since 2007, and are finally deciding to make the decision to move forward and be baptized. its been really awesome too see that the families that ive taught are starting to integrate into the church really well and i really hope that they continue and stay active. in one year ill get to go through the temple with them. also my spanish is improving...i can understand the majority of what people are saying to me...but i still get super confused sometimes. at least the people are super nice with me about my spanish and dont make me feel bad.
funny side note, the mom of one of the families we are teaching was wearing a 3OH!3 shirt...the band from boulder, CO. haha i asked her if she knew what it was, but she had no idea. she told me later that she liked the music though hah.
also these last few weeks ive been losing a lot of weight, i think its a combination of constantly climbing the mountains here in San Rafael. i{m on the last hole in my belt and there is still space hah...i need to figure out how to put on some weight so i dont have to keep pulling up my pants.
well sorry another short letter, but we dont have a whole lot of time to write, i{ll try to write a longer one next week. love you all!!! youre all in my prayers.
Love elder archibald
ps. feliz cumpleaños Mateo
pps. i{m glad to hear the boys in florida got my letter

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  1. Thanks for keeping this up to date, I know Tyler appreciates it a lot. We have used it to show kids in the center Tyler's missionary experience, to get them excited about their missions