Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Week 16

Hey there family!
     well another crazy week over here in Honduras...sometimes i still cant believe im here haha. the other day i was standing on the back porch of our house just looking out and i was just laughing to myself a little bit thinking "wow...i am a LONG ways from home". And still getting used to being the only white person in an entire area haha. when tell people that im 19 they are super suprised and a lot think im like 26 because im so much taller than them haha. my spanish is also improving...a little bit day by day. i still have NO idea what people say over the phone though haha so that makes for some awkward phone calls.
   Lunes...haha monday i mean. Monday, pday was awesome. played soccer and spent some time with the zone. its always nice to be able to spend a little bit of time with Americans haha. after that it was back to the apartment to wash clothes the entire takes FOREVER to do them by hand. i definitely miss the washing machine haha. but im getting better at washing them haha. Honduras is pretty 3rd least the area im in. one thing thats been tough is that NOBODY is married and before they get baptized they have to get married and it costs quite a bit of money (about 50 bucks) so we have to do fundraisers for them to earn the money. we sell tamales or baleadas or bread or whatever they can make.
   On Tuesday i had exchanges with the Zone Leader Elder Medina. I went to his area, Cerro Grande. it was a really good day. it was funny, the houses there are so much nicer than in my area...well because theyre actually houses and not shacks. the houses really werent that nice compared to The States, but it was still weird for me to see. it also has one of the best views in the whole mission, i was mad i didnt bring my camera. maybe ill be there again and can take pictures. but it was a good esperience to spend time with a different companion and learn more. my spanish was a lot better that day too for some reason.  people i talked to literally didnt believe that i only had 7 weeks in Honduras...they thought that i had 8 months or something. made me feel good to hear that.
   Wednesday morning was awesome. i got to take a hot shower!! the house in Cerro grande has a shower head that heats the shower...i remembered Matts experience with the sparks flying down on him while he was showering so i was a little nervous at first haha. but it was sweet because its actually been pretty cold the last little while around 60 degrees in the mornings and at SUCKS taking showers haha. its sooo freezing. i think im going to start boiling water and just take bucket showers with warm water rather than real showers with ice water.
    thursday the district came over to our house in San Rafael and we oredered a pizza. we were so stoked and super excited to get the pizza. we were waiting for a long time and then they called us and said that we had to walk to the other neighborhood because the driver wouldnt come to the house because the area is too dangerous or something. so we walked all the way up this giant hill, got the pizza, walked back, got to the house and opened the box....where we saw that we got pepperoni like we ordered...but they also decided to throw on some anchovies...we were so mad haha. it was pretty gross and it wreeked. and its not like in america where you can call and complain and theyll do something about it. its more like "well...sorry" haha.
   Friday there was a TON of military a policemen patroling in San Rafael, i think they were looking for someone...i think they found him, because they all were walking with a guy in cuffs when they left haha. avout 20 of them, he must have been a pretty important guy to catch.
   anyways that was basically my week! we are going to baptize 5 people this saturday so thats really exciting. its this family we{ve been working with for a long time and also another guy that we found and has progressed super fast.
thats crazy that dad got called to be on the high council in your stake in Germany haha.
i love you all so much. i atttached a few photos.
con mucho amor,
Elder Archibald

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