Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week 17

hey there family,
already passed the 4 month mark. cant believe it. its gone by so incredibly fast and i hear that its just going to keep getting faster. This week went by pretty fast too, i try to make notes in my agenda of stuff that happens so i can have something interesting to write home but i didnt do a great job at that this week haha. but ill try to remember.
Monday we got to go to the mission office. We took a bus to get there, it took a pretty long time but its way cheaper than taxi. its only 3 lemps to go by bus and about 100 to go by taxi. it was pretty crazy, the buses here are all like American school buses that they pimp out and theres like people hanging out the sides. but we were on the bus for awhile and started getting deeper into Tegucigalpa where the mission office was, but we got off a little too late from the bus and got a little lost, but we eventually found our way to the office. it was cool to get to leave the mission boundaries to do that. The other side of the mission is WAY nicer haha a lot more money and a safer. We got to the office and picked up some of the stuff our house needed and then i also had quite a bit of mail. i got mom and dads postcard! that was really cool. is that where you guys are? its gorgeous. i also got a letter from jonas and miles, that was the best haha. i loved their drawings. after that we went to this store across the street that sells a bunch of american stuff. We bought a bunch of food because its cheaper there and i also bought a pillow....finally a pillow haha. its been really awesome to be able to sleep finally.
     Tuesday i had exchanges with the district leader Elder Silva, it was a lot of fun, we are pretty good friends. its always good to see how other missionaries work and to get a break from the same thing everyday. their area is nicer than San Rafael, but not by much. but when we were teaching everyone kept complimenting my spanish and still didnt believe i only had 7 weeks in Honduras. I dont think my spanish is actually that great, i think i am just good at pretending i know whats going on haha.
     Wednesday we had english classes...basically it was just the ward primary that showed up haha. we are hoping to get more adults to come and maybe get more references out of that. but it was still a lot of fun, i love the kids here.
    Friday we had the wedding of the Nuñez Carias family, it was really cool to see. they have been recieving the missionaries for about 2 years and never wanted to get married, but a few weeks ago they decided they wanted to and that they also wanted to get baptized. before the father was a really dark and cold person but as time went on i could see a real change in him. the gospel truly changes the lives of those who put in their part to recieve the blessings.
Saturday that family was baptized along with another young guy, Gerardo. our goal this month for baptisms was 7, we had 8. i was looking at the numbers from previous months in this area for the last year...they would average about 1 baptism a month, and in my 2 months here we reached 13. its been amazing to see this success. i hope it can carry on throughout the mission.
brett and ash, ive been thinking of some names for you baby...we are teaching a guy named Faustino and another guy named Cecilio...i think those would be pretty sweeet...or Tyler. thats a good one too.
John and Kelli, oh my gosh! katie is gorgeous!! thank you for the pictures. im glad that everything turned out great and that she is healthy.
mom, ive been trying to eat more haha, i weighed myself at the office and i way i gues im just losing weight around the waist and building muscles in my legs from climbing these mountains haha.
well i love you all so much, thank you for the letters.
Con amor,
Elder Archibald

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