Friday, November 18, 2011

Week 19

Hola Familia!!
    wow yet another week here in HONDURAS. sometimes i still cant believe it haha. but good news is that the spanish is coming along great...somedays are rough and i have a hard time understanding people without teeth...and there are a lot of people without teeth here surprisingly haha. the ward mission leader i can barely understand either so im gonna have to work on that. but today we went to the office again so we road the bus to inner Tegucigalpa. its actually super pretty on the otherside of the city, and i feel safe haha. im in office depot right now...i feel like im in america haha. i think it would be pretty sweet to be able to work in the office in the future...maybe a little boring too. but anyways, this week was great. this month overall has been rough. we havent baptized at all this month, its my goal to baptize every month so im working really hard to baptized someone the last weekend of this month, theres a few people that definitely could be ready, but its just if they have the desire and want to put in the effort. this last week we have been putting a ton of focus in finding new investigators so we have been knocking a ton of getting better at starting up conversations with people but im still sooo awkward sometimes.
   on tuesday we had a Zone conference in our stake conference with 3 other zones from the mission. President flores came to talk to us and teach us. it was from 8 in the morning to 5 in the was super long but we learned a ton. also i felt pretty good becuase He recognized me and my companion for all the sucess we have been having these last couple months and that the other missionaries should ask us what we are doing to have success. we were 3rd in the mission this month in baptisms. and i didnt know this before but the area im in hasnt really baptized in the last 2 or 3 years...well really ever. only about 1 baptism per month, and weve had 13 in the last 2. it really shows that you can baptize wherever if you just have faith you can do it.
  this is the last week of my training, a week and a half until the next change. Im pretty sure ill ve staying in my area for another 6 weeks and elder perez will be leaving this change.
i also got the packages from heather!! thank you so much!! sounds like it actually didnt take too long to get here. thank you thank you thank you. the mail has been pretty reliable for me so far.
also mom and dad, pretty sure that my thanksgiving will be just like every other day in the mission...maybe ill fix myself a turkey sandwich or something haha.
and also ive been thinking about you guys a lot and learning german...i just wanted to give you some advice. first off, never be content with your ability in the language...become a master in the language. this is the only time youll have to learn a language like this so make the most of it...dont just be average. something that helped me alot is even the times where you can speak english like in the apartment, dont. limit yourself to use no more than 100 words in english a day, even if people want to talk to you in english. force yourself to speak the language.
love you all so much, youre all in my prayers.
Elder Archibald

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