Saturday, November 26, 2011

Week 20

Hola Familia!
    Wow Im officially trained haha. 12 weeks in the field already done. We also got a call last night that Elder Perez is going to be changed out of the area and im going to stay another 6 weeks here in San Rafael. Im glad that i get to stay because we have a lot of investigators that are progressing towards baptism and I love the members here so it will be awesome to spend Christmas and New Years with the people that I've already made these relationships with; it'll feel a little more at home. This week we've also been putting a lot of focus in finding new investigators. it was our goal to find every day...and we almost did, we found new people to teach every day except for on friday. its tough though because in the nights EVERYONE goes to bed super early and they get mad when we knock on their door at 7:30 or later because they say its super late...but its not even because they have to get up early, they sleep in late too haha.
    Monday after we were at the office we got permission to go to the Mall right by the was such a weird experience for me haha. The mall was super nice, just like in the States...clean, safe, same stores, people in nice clothes and all that stuff. It was such a big change from what i'm used to being in ghetto San Rafael. I actually didnt really like being in the mall, I felt awkward and the people bothered me haha. I feel a lot more comfortable in my poor and humble people.
    Tuesday we did service and helped this familiy in our ward build a house. we just moved a ton of rocks and stuff to prepare the base and then started laying brick, it was a lot of fun actually, always good to be able to help out. that day we also got our laundry back from the lady in the ward that washes and she put some nice big holes in one of my shirts haha. all well.
    Wendesday we finally put a baptismal date, well have a baptism this saturday hopefully. ill tell you more about that next week.
well wow im already out of time...they are kicking us off the computers and we've only used a half hour when we usually get an hour.
but hey i love you all so much, thank you for your prayers,
Con Amor,
Elder Archibald
ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!! I ate a hostess cupcake in honor, on thursday haha.
also for christmas, tide to go pens, moleskine notebooks, patches of colorado and Honduras flags, nutela, beef jerkey, maybe some ramen haha, and if mom and dad are up for it a germany national soccer team jersey (black) haha itll probably be too pricey to send.

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