Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 19

Hola familia,

   i dont have a whole lot of time to write this week so ill try to write as much as i can. first off happy birthday to Heather and Jonas!!! the weather here as been pretty crazy, somedays its pretty chilly and other days its freaking hot...almost reminds me a little bit of colorado, except not at all hah. This last week we pretty tough, we ran out of minutes with our phone so we couldnt call anyone to confirm appointments or ask people to accompany us during lessons. we couldnt really find anyone in their houses who we had set appointments with. It kinda bugs me how we set firm appointments with people and we show up on time and everything but they are nowhere to be found. The majority of our teaching appointments felll through so we spent most of our time just knocking on doors. We are focusing on finding new investigators, but we are haveing a pretty tough time. we had a fundraiser to help get some more money to pay for the marriages for our investigators...one of our baptismal dates fell through because they dont want to get married til june so i have been pretty sad about that. friday night was pretty fun, we got to go to the ward talent show. there was a bunch of dancing and traditional Honduras stuff, it was a lot of fun and a good break from just knocking doors. in the future we are gonna try to go to some waterfalls as a district on our pday and also sometime soon go see the temple in honduras here because it just got the angel moroni put on, so that would be pretty cool to see.

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