Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 21

Hey there everybody!
    Great week this week. So on tuesday Elder Perez had to leave for transfers early because he's going to work in the office. So tuesday I was in a trio with some other elders in my district in the Area, Torocagua. It was pretty fun to be in a trio, but i was a little frustrated because there was a lot of work i wanted to do in my own Area San Rafael. We had some new investigators and other people with baptismal dates that I wanted to meet with. Also i spent the night with them, and i thought i was going to have to just sleep on the floor because there arent really extra mattresses around in Honduras haha. But those elders live with this amazing member family and the mom found a mattress for me to sleep on and she made the bed up for me and everything. i was super grateful for her help.
   Wednesday we had the changes meeting, it was cool to see all the missionaries that i came with in my group again after our training was over. reminded me of when the sons of Mosiah and Alma the younger found each other again. but anyways i got a new a companion his name is Elder Beltran. He's from Santa Ana, El Salvador. Im excited to get to know another companion and start to take more of a lead in the work here in San Rafael. But he seems like a pretty nice guy. he runs EVERYWHERE  so we are pretty tired and show up to every appointment super sweaty hah.
   but anyways we had a baptism this last saturday of Hermano Juan Jose Avila. He is older, like 71 years old. he has been seventh day adventist his whole life so the first few times we met with him he didnt really want to listen to us, but he started reading the book of mormon and there was a huge change. he started coming to church, mainly because hes a lonely guy, his wife died a few years ago and he sold his house and just lives in this small room by himself. then for a couple weeks he stopped meeting with us for some reason, we couldnt find him. but then after a couple weeks we found him again and he told us that he knew the book of mormon was true and needed to be baptized again with the correct authority. it was an incredible thing to see his testimony grow. it was sad though, because basically nobody came to his baptism, everyone said theyd come, but they didnt show up. during the baptismal service it was just the bishop, his councelor and elder beltran and I. Bishop started to apologize that nobody came, but Juan stopped him and said that it really didnt matter who was there. it was just between him and the lord and thats all that mattered. I was the one that got to baptize him and it was a great privelage to do that. He was confirmed the next day, and he gave a really powerful testimony during sunday school.
    Hows everything going in the states? germany? howd your thanksgivings go? mine was just like a normal day haha i had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some kiwi and crackers and cheese...super exciting i know.
well i love you all so much, youre in my prayers. welp thats it until next week!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Archibald

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