Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Week 22

Hey family,
    not much time to write today...or from hereon out. theres a new rule in the mission where we only have 30 minutes to email. and 15 minutes of that has to be used writing to the mission president. and then it takes awhile to read all the letters from the family. so i have about 10 minutes to write you all haha. kind of a bummer. but anyways we had a baptism last saturday, Carlos Garcia. He has been coming to church with his friend who is a member for the last month and a half. it was hard at first to find time to meet with him and teach him but we finally found time to meet with him. He has such a big desiree and testimony to follow what god wants for him. also we are teaching a family, but its been hard becuase they have two kids that are absolutely crazy. they just start ripping pages out of the books of mormon we use and throw a tantrum if the parents dont give them what they want. but the family has come to church 3 times already and want their kids to grow up in the church. also they have to get married but the process is tough and like always the difficultad is the money. But we are hoping that they will get married and baptized this month, possibly on christmas eve.
and also thanks so much to john and kelli! i got the package! its funny how a stocking can make things feel like christmas,,,and about that news headline, im not surprised haha. and i also got the letter from mom and dad and the thing dad sent in the package of john and kelli. thank you so much. also not sure when we are gonna call home, but ill let you know soon. most likely you guys are gonna have to call a lan line here.
well times up...ill try to write more next week...didnt get a chance to read the emails that mom and dad sent. sorry :/. but i love you all so much.
Elder Archibald

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