Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Week 23

Hey family,
    Ive got 7 minutes to write this. not a big fan of this new rule. ill just try to answer the questions that i read in dad;s email. i didnt have a chance to read all of moms...or from last weeks either. but as far as the phonecall goes, i think how it works is that im going to buy a calling card from here, they have good deals, like 60 minutes to the states for 30 lemps...or something like that. i think we will call on the 24th. ill try to call after 1 oclock my time to your vonage. also some requests, there is an awesome song, nearer my god to thee by kyle henderson that you should listen to, and come thou fount my sufjan stevens, also if someone could send me music of dustin kensrue if he does any hymns or any other good music like that. also if there is anyoway to make a dvd of the new church christmas videos that would be sweet. also the computer i use gave my usb flashdrive a virus and lost all my photos, luckily i have them on my camera still...but theres no time to clean up my memory on the computer. same thing that john sent with christmas music
time's up
love you
Elder archibald

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