Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 39

Hey everybody,

    Welp, another week passed down here in good `ol Honduras. Things are going pretty good, everything went well with changes and everybody had a house to live in hah. Also, one of the knew missionaries that came in, his name is David Livingston and it turns out we had a lot of friend in common up at the Y like Becca Young. Its weird to think that the new elders that are coming in think that im old in the mission when i still feel pretty green. Ive really learned who to manage stress with my time here in the office, theres always a million things to do, but getting yourself worked up about things doesnt help at all. So just keepin things chill and easy going. How`s everything going at home? i guess the olympics are happening now right? everyone here has been going crazy about the soccer games. Its so hard to find anyone to talk to while the games are on TV because if you knock on the door they usually dont answer or just yell at you for interupting their TV kind of amazes me how much TV they watch here haha i swear, like 12 hours straight. 
     I guess i got my "TV time" in too this weekend with general conference. Before the mission I really did enjoy conference, but it is SO MUCH BETTER here on the mission. I really get a lot more out of it because i am able to watch it with my own needs in mind as well as the needs of my investigators. I wasnt able to watch the first session in English, but the rest i did. it really is a lot better than having to listen to a translator that shows little to no emotion. Unfortunately practically no investigators came to the conference. which is really frustrating because all of the investigators would have had their questions answered by the prophet and apostles if they just would have showed a little desire and made the effort to go to the church and watch conference. Now we just have to wait 6 months for the next one to come around.
    Also, on a sad note, the donkey I took pictures with died the other day. It ate some Garbage and died. the funny/sad part is that the owner of the donkey found some plastic plates and wrap with the missionaries names on it who lived there.
    Things are kind of the same in the area, we continue finding all these really great people that are truly interested in the gospel, but the all have really big problems that make it difficult for them to get to church (severly broken leg, cant leave their house because gangsters will rob them, have really damaged knees, etc) so ive just been trying to keep patience throughout all this. It has been kind of tough to make the decision to drop some of the investigators to look for new ones. It takes some serious prayer to know if its the right thing to do or not, but we feel like we just need to find people that are ready right now, and in the future we will be able to help the others. 
    Anyways i hope everybody is doing well back in Florida, Utah, Colorado, California, and Germany! Its crazy how spread out our family is. Welp, until next week...I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Archibald

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