Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week 38: Second really bad haircut in Honduras

Hey Family,
 Well its been another good week down here in Honduras. Things are going well in the area; we have been able to find more investigators and have some progress with some we´ve been working with. A couple days ago I got a package in the mail from David and Whitney with a bunch of pictures. Thank you! I love getting pictures. Oh and thank the boys for the pictures they drew…star cop is the cop of the people, and the drawing of my belly button was great too.  It looks like the Jonas, Miles, and Abel  are loving their time in Florida. When are Dave, Whitney and the boys moving? How are things going for Mom and Dad with transfers in Germany? We have transfers this Wednesday so I´ve been busy with that. There are a lot of new areas opening up and a lot of houses changing. There´s 9 houses that I have to make sure I make contracts right and pay the right people the right amount at the right time so that missionaries don’t show up to the area without a place to live. From what I hear there´s going to be a lot of missionaries coming in…about 16, and only 2 leaving.
Things are going good in the area…for the most part. La Familia Matute are doing really well…except there´s problems with the whole process to get married. Turns out that the wife who is already a member lied about her husband getting killed because we found him and he is alive and well haha. But this is the worst part..she´s also legally married to another guy. I have no idea how that was possible here. This was really really bad news to get because this means that if Santos y Ninfa (the couple currently together) want to get married, she would have to get divorced…twice. Which would cost about 20,000 lempiras. So this probably means that Santos will not be getting baptized anytime soon. It is really frustrating that all of these people we have been teaching and have been progressing have all these problems that make it incredibly hard for them to make covenants. We had a really good Sunday though, 5 investigators showed up. Santos and his step son, This couple that members brought that we are going to teach tonight, and then this other investigator named Samir. Samir is 20 years old and has a really great desire to learn about the gospel. Its tough though because he lives at home and his parents wont allow him to bring a Book of Mormon inside the house, so what he has to do is walk to his friends house of his friends who are members and read the parts of the book of mormon that we left for him to read. This was his second Sunday of coming to church and we were talking afterwards and he told us that this is all very new to him, his whole life he´s been taught that there is only the bible and nothing more, but he told us that these last few days he´s been feeling really convinced, he just still has to pray. Taking the decision to go to church has been a really big decision considering his family is really against it, being evangelicals. I imagine making the decision to get baptized will be even harder, I really hope that we can explain and teach him the importance of it even though the family might not approve.
    also last wednesday we went to a members house to get our hair cut, and this lady was so excited to cut my hair because she says she is SO good at cutting gringos hair. I thought "Sweet!" but then i quickly lost my excitement when i saw her pull out her buzzer and start just mowing my hair down...haha so this will be the second buzz cut of the mission and probably lots more to come.
   I cannot believe that Cole is already going home... that is nuts! the time flew by. welp tell him i say hi and congratulations!
alright, welp, until next week, i love you all

Con mucho amor,
Elder Archibald

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