Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week 37

Hey everybody!
     I feel like i just yesterday and i dont have a whole lot to say haha. Things are about the same here in the office, theres a new secretary thats pretty cool. His name is Elder Martinez and is Mexican! He speaks pure Chilango haha. And also something funny, as im writing this theres this Honduran Kid thats reading everything I`m writing right now over my shoulder and trying to pronounce it out loud. Also just before this i ran into Oscar Medina from La familia Medina that I baptized back in San Rafael. It was so awesome to see him. He looked so happy and was really proud to tell me that he and his family are still going to church every sunday and have plans to go to the temple. He said he thought he would never see me again, but it was really awesome to make contact there. Im telling you, there is nothing that makes you feel better than knowing that someone that you love that much stays faithful to their covenants..with their entire family as well. so right now i´m on a missionary high. i love it. we also got the picture and description of our new mission president today. He`s black! sweet. anyways he seems really amazing. im looking forward to meeting him, although it is going to be sad saying good bye to president flores because i have learned so much from him.
     Well La familia Matute still has a baptismal date for the 24th, but there has been some crazy stuff happening. So we´ve started the process to get them married and its always a hassle to do. The wife had been married earlier but told us that she has been divorced and isn’t married anymore. We called the registry to see if she showed up as single but it turns out that according to the records she is still married. I was bummed out when I heard that because it costs about 10,000 Lempiras to get divorced here which is like 500 dollars, and it might as well be a million because nobody has that kind of money here. And the process takes about 3 months to do. The wife, Ninfa, hasn’t talked to her husband in about 15 years so we had to look up his information too…and well it turns out that he was killed awhile ago. Which is very sad, but it makes the divorce process a whole lot easier. Now the “Divorce” is free and wont take a long time do. We are going to have to do some sort of activity to raise money for the wedding, we are thinking about selling Nacatamales or Donuts or doing some sort of soccer tourney where people pay just a few Lempiras to play.
      The other family we have, Abraham and Consuelo (the lady that fell down during the first lesson), We are working with them to get them to church. They are really amazing actually, have great testimonies, but its just hard to get them to come to church because they are SO old. Abraham still isn’t sure if he can get baptized because he is catheterized and has a bag attached to him…so we are thinking of options. Any ideas? Haha
   On Wednesday elder Ray cut off a mole I had on my neck. 
Things have been kind of rough in the area though...we had 3 families that were SUPER positive and really wanted to progress, but they all are going to move away really soon, like this week or the next. It has been kind of hard on me and Elder Quevedo because we are working really hard. But we just have to continue finding new people to teach. One thing that i love/hate  about the area is that it is HUGE. it could be divided into 4 different areas. but i will never get bored contacting here so thats a good thing. we are having a bit of a challenge in the ward...non of the member want to visit with us to our appointments because its really dangerous and they dont want to leave their house later than 6 pm...i dont blame them. 
    well how are things going back home in the states? elections? march madness? anymore babies or pregnant sisters? i love you all so much! i love hearing from you all.
until next week!

con amor,
Elder Archibald

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