Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 36

Hey everybody!
Well the time here in the office really seems to pass by a lot faster. There´s always a million things to be doing and not a whole lot of time to slow down. It is SUPER tiring here though.  Waking up at 5:30 every day is starting to take its toll on me…our exercise in the morning is pretty pitiful haha. Just a bunch of zombies walking around trying to do a few sit ups and push ups. And one of the secretaries here in the house is this short chubby el slavadoreño and he just sits… well, lays down on the couch and does these jerking movements that he calls sit-ups and he gets really mad when we start laughing at him.
     Also I got a package from John and Kelli! THANK YOU! It didn’t look like anyone got into this package, I got the SD cards in the candy haha. I´ll be sending a copy of my pictures home pretty soon so I can have a back up there. I loved the pictures too. I cant believe John went sky diving! Haha. That is nuts. Aiden looks a lot bigger, it is going to be so weird when I get back home with all the new nieces and nephews. And the tide-to –go pens are always are really handy to have with me…and of course the candy is always a really nice taste from home. Thank youuuu. I also got a few Letters this week. I got a great birthday letters from RJ and from Grandpa. Mitch Winter wrote me, He´s in San Salvador, it was great to hear from him. I also got a wedding announcement from Chad Bunker! 
 Things are going great in the area too. We have a family with a baptismal date for the 24th of this month! La Familia Matute. The mom, Ninfa, got baptized 20 years ago but is really really excited to return to the church. She´s a chef for the government here. The dad´s name is Santos and he is just as excited to join the church. And then Ninfa has custody of her grandson that will be getting baptized as well. BUT, just like every single other couple in Honduras…they are actually married. So we have to get going with that. Luckily it wont be too hard because they both are from pretty close to here in Tegucigalpa.
 Yesterday we had a really cool sunday. Randomly an investigator showed up to sacrament meeting that we had never seen before, we started talking to him and we invited him to sunday school and elder`s quorum. He didnt talk much during sunday school but in elders quorum he really opened up and was answering a lot of questions...The lesson was on the priesthood and it was amazing to see how much he caught on and answering questions about the importance of authority and how essencial it is to have in the true church of Jesus Christ. Afterwards we set up an appointment with him and we are planning on meeting with him today or tomorrow. the challange is that he works a lot and doesnt really have a set schedule. After church we always go visit people with a few of the members in the ward and we went to go talk to the aunt and uncle of one of the members. The aunt and uncle are the same age as grandpa, and really kind soft spoken people. We planned on watching a talk by President monson from General Conference because they wanted to hear the voice of a prophet. Right before we were about to star the lesson, the aunt tripped on a concrete block and fell down really hard and was bleeding all over the place. She was crying as we picked her up and sat her on the chair and cleaned up her wound that was actually pretty bad. once she settled down she told us she wanted to watch the video. so we continued. It was a very powerful lesson and at they end they said they both new that he really was a prophet of god, that joseph smith restored the church, and that the book of mormon is they want to be baptized. the only thing is that the uncle has some health problems and isnt sure if he can actually be baptized...but we are going to figure out more with that soon. Its incredible how the lord blesses us. Before we werent having much success at all but me and Elder Quevedo just kept working hard and we have a lot of stuff happening. its amazing. Elder Quevedo has been my favorite companion so far. he is such a humble guy and so easy to love. I thought he would be leaving at the end of march but president told us that he will be staying another transfer! Im so excited. Every day is a good day. Im starting to be able to balance my responsibilities in the office with my responsibilities as a missionary a lot better and i feel great haha.
     Hows everything going at home? When do David and Whitney move? i loved those pictures of Katie! how is Avett doing? i cant get over how awesome that name is haha. and how are matt and ali and rosie doing in LA, california dreamin?
well i love you all so much. thanks for EVERYTHING. i could not ask for a better family. almost all the doors i contact i show them our family picture and it really helps me to be able to connect with them and show them that i want their family to be happy like mine is.
until next week!
con mucho amor,
Elder Archibald

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