Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Week 48: La fiesta que salio de mi boca

Hey family!
   Well I had a really great week this week. We have been working a lot with the members here helping them get more excited about missionary work and we have been able to meet and help a lot more people that way...Its a lot easier and more fun this way. It helps that the members have cars to take us around to their friends or family members. We just started teaching a family from Cuba that is really interested in what we have to say. They dont really have a strong testimony of or relationship with Jesus Christ. They said that with the communism in the country there are very few people who actually believe in god and go to church. Pretty crazy to think about how a government can make a huge difference in that way.
    On friday our investigator Santos got baptized. It was a really special night. He came home from work late so we had to push the service back a little bit, but it was good because more people showed up to the baptism. It was really special to see the change of light in his countenance before and after his baptism. He bore his really humble testimony afterwards and the spirit was present. I was really grateful i got to be part of it.
   Saturday was a pretty average P-day, we went shopping and what not. For lunch we ate at this one Mexican Restaurant and i ate this giant burrito that was way good but it made me a little sick. Then after that we got a phone call from this less active member we have been visiting. He was really excited to call us because he said that he had gone 4 days without drinking. He had been drinking everyday for the last few months and was just destroying his life. We stopped by 4 days earlier and shared a message with him and it must have really touched his heart. Anyways, this guy is from El Salvador and he wanted us to come over so he could make us this food called Pupusas. I was already full from the burritos, but to make him know that we appreciated what he was doing we went and ate the pupusas...but he just kept making more and more and more and would not stop giving them to us. I was SO full...and it started to look like a replay of what happened in Jesus de Otoro when i ate too much. then after that we had another dinner appointment with this lady who said she had made a special dinner for us...turns out it was just a lot of beans and rice and sausage. I did NOT want to eat, but she would have been hurt if we didnt so i shoveled in as much as a possibly could..then i could not eat anymore so i did this thing with our cell phone where it has a fake call...haha i know it wasnt super honest but it saved my life. I "answered the phone" and told her we had to go meet the other missionaries right then. So we left and everything was good. Later when we got to the house i felt terrible, i layed down after planning and right when i was about to go to sleep, my stomach said no, and i ran to the bathroom and out came all the food of the was quite the fiesta. A little bit of Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras all at once.
    Sunday was great too, we ate with the same family that made us the great dinner last week, and it was another great one. We had some investigators in church and also some inactives that came for the first time in a long time.

Well my time is up, i have to run! i love you all so much!

Con mucho mucho amor,
Elder Archibald

ps the pictures are of my new area.

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