Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 50

Hey there family,
    Time keeps flying by here in the office. I really can`t believe that i`ve been here for 5 and a half months already. Things have been pretty hectic as always...but a little more these days. The office got remodeled, not sure why...it seemed fine how it was. But they knocked down a few walls and put up some others and it took about two or three weeks for the construction to get over with. It was pretty hard to keep any order in the place. it was just a huge relajo. Its changes week this week, this change went by suuuuper fast. hard to believe. Today all the new latins come from the MTC in Guatemala, the gringos come tomorrow in the afternoon...its kind of fun to think about where i was about 10 months ago when i was getting ready to leave the MTC. President has hardly been around lately, he`s been getting his house ready for President Fortuna. They are all moved out and living in an apartment now. President Flores leaves the 30th in the afternoon and president Fortuna comes the 29th at night. We are all pretty excited to meet him, but sad at the same time to see Pres. Flores leave. I have learned so much from this man and he has had a huge impact on my life. I am eternally grateful.
   On Friday we had a ward activity, we watched 17 miracles in the church. It was a decent turn out, about 30 people showed up. We told everyone it started at 5pm but were werent planning on starting til 6...and it everyone showed up exactly at 6...i call it la hora catracha...basically Honduran standard time is to show up an hour late haha. The activity went really well though, everybody was really impacted by the movie and the majority had tears in their eyes. A couple nonmembers showed up so it was a success from the missionary point of view. All the people who showed up want to do this activity again. It was really really cool how it all worked out. We were planning on borrowing the projector from the Stake, but the Stake pres. wouldnt let us so we had to scramble around and we found a member that lent us her Projector (i think that this is one of the only areas in the mission where someone in the ward just happens to have something like that laying around and are willing to lend out haha) and we also borrowed some speakers from other members...The people here are really blessed to be able to have this kind of economic stability. It has been kind of tough finding new investigators this week, but we are really working hard and trying to be creative about it all.
   On saturday we went over to play basketball at president`s basketball court for P`day. its the first time i have played basketball in a really really long time haha. I am horrible hahh.
  ALSO, i got the package from john! thank you so much! the speakers are so sweet. its really nice because my other ones had this annoying buzz all the time. I am very content.
  Anyways, thats about it from down here in HONDURAS. thank you for all the support, your prayers are felt. casi no puedo creer que ya tengo un año de estar aqui en la misiòn. el tiempo està volando y todos dicen que el siguiente año es màs ràpido aùn. Les amo mucho y epero que todos estèn bien. Que dios les bendiga y les cuide.


con mucho amor,
Elder ARchibald

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