Thursday, September 13, 2012

Week 62

Hey everybody,
    Well another fast week here in Guaimaca. This transfer is over this week, we have changes meeting this wednesday...we still dont know who is leaving or staying. We are hoping theyll let us know tonight, if not it will be tuesday morning. Im hoping that Elder Quiñonez doesnt get transfered, but its pretty likely that he´ll be leaving. Either way it´ll be good.
   This week was pretty busy for us. We had to travel a lot to different areas in the zone to do interviews and bring baptismal clothing and a bunch of random things like can be pretty frustrating not being able to work in my own area sometimes, but we just have to manage our time well. We have a few families that are progressing but still have a long way to go.
   Last Tuesday I went to this area called campamento for our district meeting. Its in the state called Olancho...its a really really pretty area. It was cool to go there and get to know it a little better. When we got back from the district meeting the branch president had invited us over for lunch...But i kind of wish he hadnt haha. His wife made us Mondongo, which is cow stomach soup. Ive eaten it a lot before and its not all that bad because the cut up the stomach pretty small and it has a good flavor. But this time the mondongo had huge pieces and you cant really cut it apart so you have to put it all in your mouth and chew it forEVER. The worst part was that the branch presidents wife was watching me the entire time...just staring at me haa. But i managed to eat it with a smile on my face!
    We´ve been teaching one of our neighbors lately, its an elderly couple that lives with their daughter and grandaughter. They are very humble people and have been going through a lot of difficulties. The grandma has diabetes but she doesnt take very good care of herself and now she has an infection in both her kidneys and is in a lot of pain. She cant walk and isnt supposed to eat but she eats fried chicken anyways and that just gives her more pain...its really a sad thing to see. Anyways they are really positive, but havent been able to come to church for that reason. We gave her a blessing and we hope that she can get better, we will see how she is doing today.
   Well thats about it for this week. Thanks for everything! oh i got the dearelders that mom sent. Congrats to Alex and Tyler that just got home. its crazy how fast time goes by. Alright well until next you guys!
Con amor,
Elder Archibald

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