Thursday, September 13, 2012

Week 61

Hey family,

Another goood week out here in Guaimaca. Its been really really hot lately and pretty miserable to be walking around out in the street. Lots of sweat. It hasnt been raining too much this week which is a nice break from all the mud. But i guess the huricane and storm season is in October so there will be a lot more to come. Things have been going pretty well in the zone too. We have been traveling a lot to different areas in the zone to work with the missionaries there and help a companionship out with a few problems. But it gets pretty expensive traveling and we dont get reembursed for travel so weve been eating a little less ha. 

This week was pretty hard with finding people in their homes because everyone was at the stupid fair haha. and a lot more drunk people in the street that like to bug us so thats been pretty annoying as well, but hasnt been too bad. On friday we did some service for one of our investigators. We went to his house to dig a big hole for a latrine in his back yard. It was pretty hard work out in the hot sun but it went by pretty quick...while i was digging with a pickaxe i was standing on the wood covering of the old latrine, which was just covered with some old wood planks, then all of a sudden where my right foot was placed collapsed and i fell on my butt and my leg into the latrine...LUCKILY I didnt get dirty at all, if i would have fell just a couple more inches it could have been a lot worse. It scared me to death. The only injury i walked away with that day was a really really bad sunburn. I would like to send you some photos of everything but my SD card has a virus...i hate these computers here. I cant open my files with this virus and it always puts a bunch of innapropriatley titled folders and files on the memory. Im not sure what i can do to fix that.

There was another baptism this last weekend as well of a family here. It went really well and it was a cool baptismal service to be apart of....luckily the lights didnt got out this time. But on our walk home we were walking on the side of the road and we heard a horse coming up behind us (which is normal) they usually just pass us but luckily my companion pulled me out of the way just in time before the horse wouldve trampled me. The guy riding the horse was going way too fast and los control...probably because he was drinking a bottle of liqour while riding the horse and was really drunk. But everything is fine so no need to worry.

Well that is about it for this week. How is everyone doing back home? thats awesome about bretts new job! what will he be doing for adobe? that will be fun to have everyone close by in provo. How did matt and alis trip go in germany??

alright well i gott run! 

Con mucho mucho amor,

Elder Archibald

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