Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Week 60

Hey there family!
   well i dont have a whole lot of time to write...but it was a pretty normal week here in Guaimaca. This week has been pretty tough as far as the work goes because the yearly fair is going on and hardly anybody is home and there are a lot of drunks in the streets...it will be over next week though so thats good haha. It has been some reallly intense weather here too. It is blazing hot and sunny during the day and then at night some huge storms roll in and it rains so hard... Which means lots and lots of MUD. and our roof has about 10 leaks so its hard keeping dry. Also ive been sick the last couple days, I think i ate some food that wasnt very clean. Im hoping its not a parasyte.
   On tuesday President fortuna and the assistents came to visit us and worked with us that night. It was a good oportunity to split up and get more done. President has a big focus on working with members and references so we have been doing that a lot lately. That night the assistents stayed in our place and we got up on wednesday to go to Talanga for our Zone Conference. Elder Quiñonez and I had an hour to teach chapter 13 from preach my gospel and i went really well, president said he was really happy with how he went. We invited some members to come to the meeting and help us with our practices.
   Other cool story, so we are teaching this lady whos mom got married to a member in the states about a year ago and she got baptized around the same time. Anyways, her mom got here a couple days ago to visit and came to church on sunday with us and we have some plans to go visit her daughter and hopefully we will be able to help her progress. The mom was really happy from what she has heard from her daughter about us and so she brought 2 ties with her from the states to give to us. It was really nice of here to do that.

Anyways, everything else is going pretty well here. Thank you for everything!
con mucho amor,

Elder Archibald

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