Saturday, August 11, 2012

Week 57: Me voy!

Hey everybody,
     First things first, there were some pretty interesting changes in the mission this last week...Ill be leaving the office this wednesday! nuts, right? I only have one week to train my replacement financial secretary, poor guy haha. Its tough learning how to do the job and it takes awhile to get into the swing of things. The new finance guy is Elder Livingston from Newport Beach, CA. He´s a cool guy and its been a blast being able to be with him this last week. Its funny because i recieved him here in the office when he first got to Honduras 5 months ago and now he´s taking my place. We both were studying at BYU before the mish and are going into finance. It feels really reallly wierd knowing that i will be leaving the office...I´ve got all my stuff all over the house from the last 7 months so íts been pretty hard to pack haha. I´m going to this Area called Guaymaca, the zone is called Talanga. From what i´ve been told its a smaller city (pueblo) with not much there. Its pretty far out from Tegucigalpa...maybe an hour and a half. almost in the department(state) called Olancho. They dont have ATMs but they jsut got a grocery its going to be a big change from being here in the office haha. Im really looking forward to it though. Its going to be a really good being able to be in the field all the time...ill be "roughing it" again haha. I was pretty sad to say goodbye to the ward though, it has been my favorite proselyting area so far in the mission. The members are amazing here and treat the missionaries really well. I bore my testimony yesterday in church to say goodbye and it was actually pretty hard for me.
    There are two investigators that we have that are doing really well, Joseph and Kevin. They both are 20 years old and are studying in the university here. Anyways, a couple days ago we were teaching joseph and he except a baptismal date for the 11th and the next day we were teaching kevin and he excepted a baptismal date as well for the 11th. Im really excited for them, bummer that im not going to be around for it but its all good. Im really happy because it will get the ward excited the last 9 months there has only been 1 convert baptism.
   Well short letter for this week, im sure i will have a lot more to write next week. I love you all! thank you for your love, support, and prayers.
con mucho amor,
Elder Archibald

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