Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week 56: Transfers week

Hey familia!
     Well this has been a pretty great week out here in Loarque. Its been fun because we have been getting to know the members a lot better and working with them a lot more closely. On Wednesday we spent an hour with the Ward mission leader who is this 70 year old guy and works for the government...we just sat there as he told us one hilarious story after another. For example, He said that he left Honduras  all alone to go to Mexico when he was 15 where he worked being a handyman and sleeping in the streets and then after a decade or so he became best friends with the then future president of Mexico Vicente Fox. He also told us that when he was a young boy living in Olancho he used to play in the house of Martin Böhrman (Hitler´s right hand man) becuase he fled form Germany to Honduras in his submarine that he kept parked in the river by his house. And also while he was there in Olancho he grew up with Pepe Lobo the president of Honduras right now...then he showed us that he has his number saved in his phone as "Pepinillo"...then he tried calling him right there to say hi but he didnt answer. oh yeah, and it was his idea for the military ku to overthrow Mel Zelaya the old President of Honduras 3 years ago...and says that if he had 5 million dollars he could overthrow the government in 24 hours and 25,000 people would die. He always carries around 3 knives on him too because you never know who wants to abduct you to get information. I like to believe his stories because it makes life way more interesting.
    We had a really great activity on Saturday that we have been planning for the las couple weeks. We had a fireside and dinner for part member families where we talked about the temple watched a short video then we ate a chicken dinner. We made really nice personal invitations with the bishoprics signatures and handed them out to the families. It ended up starting an hour late but it was perfect because our investigators showed up late too haha. gotta love Honduran Standard Time. There were 40 people in all and 5 investigators so for me, i think that was a great success. A part member family we are teaching where the dad has been investigating the church for the last 7 years showed up and really enjoyed it. Also the mom and sister of a young man in the ward came and it was really great because they hadnt been to the church in a really long time. we are going to start teaching them soon. And also marcial and Yadira (the cubans) came, i was really surprised about that because they told us that there kid was sick and couldnt leave, but the kid got better! It was their first time in the church so we were super excited about that. At the end of the activity they thanked us for inviting them and that they loved it. They told us they needed us to come over on monday(today) because they have "exciting news" for us...i have no idea what it could be. Maybe she´s pregnant or they want to get baptized. We´ll find out!
     We have been able to see quite a few of our investigators progressing and showing that they have a desire to learn more...which is really where it all starts. We have one investigator named Joseph, he´s 20 years old, that came to church for the first time Yesterday. His mom was a less active lady in the ward and just started coming to church again recently...but some people are suspicious that its for ultirior motives (like for financial aid) because she always is asking us for money for medicine or things like that. But Joseph is a lot more sincere becuase he always get really embarassed when his mom talks about that kind of stuff and tells her not to do it and that he knows we arent supposed to help out with that stuff. We were really excited when we saw him, he wasnt able to come last week because he was taking care of his brother who has a lot of seizures. He has accepted the invitation to be baptized but he needs to attend church more consistently.
oh other story, I got pulled over the other day by the Honduran police...i guess our car matched the description of a car that was a part of some drug deal killing and so they searched the car and didnt find anything.
 I GOT A PACKAGE FROM MOM AND DAD! thank you! The chocolate was pretty melted so its in the freezer right now, one of them exploded ALL OVER haha but i cleaned it up alright. but dont let that discourage you from sending more chocolate in the future...near future. and i love the tie!! thank you!
Well that is it for this week! i hope youre all doing well! I LOVE YOU ALL! the time is flying by so fast and it is freaking me out. We have transfers this wednesday and then we´ll see if my replacement comes in the next couple weeks to start training and then if come this next change in september, i will only have 6 changes left in my mission....not that i´m counting.
Con mucho MUCHO amor,
Elder Archibald
ps. i also went on exchanges with Elder Martinez here in the office this week and it was pretty cool thinking about how brett and martinez´ older brother taught together as well about 5 years ago.

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