Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 53

Hey familia!
     This has probably been the fastest week of my mission so far. We have been so busy with helping President Fortuna out with getting adjusted. This last week he went around the whole mission have mini Zone conferences where he and Hermana Fortuna and the rest of the family were introducing themselves to the mission. I LOVE THE FORTUNA FAMILY! I am really excited to be able to get to know them really well these next few months. I think I will be leaving the next change on September 15th...well lets hope so at least. The thing thats been keeping me the busiest these last few days is the change of missionary debit cards, the church changed banks for all the missionaries outside of the US. So its been pretty crazy getting all that squared away (really really exciting i know). And other than that, there are some changes in the finances that pres. fortuna is doing (he is a really smart guy) so we are working with that. He really wants to make the missionaries lives a lot more comfortable. before all the missionaries paid their own light and water bills and all their transport, but now pres. fortuna wants to reimburse us, which is awesome. and he is thinking about getting small washing machines for the houses and maybe microwaves too haha. I think that would be pretty sweet.
   Other than all that boring office stuff things have been great. We played basketball on saturday for Pday at this park by our house and a little crowd of honduran kids showed up to watch us play haha. The stake presidency challenged us to a basketball game next saturday so we are going to see if we can get permission to go play with them.
    Things have been goood in the area...a little hard, but good. We have been having a hard time finding new people, we try talking to people, but the majority just slam their doors in our faces or yell at us. I guess once they get a little money their hearts get a little harder too. But we are trying to work a lot more closely with the members. We are planning a dinner for part member families and we are going to have a fireside about the temple and we have asked some of the couples that have been sealed in the ward to give their testimonies...we are hoping that we it will help those families out.
   also a short crazy story.. We were teaching the cuban family a couple nights ago and we had a good lesson and they fed us some cuban food afterwards and i said a not so funny joke saying that I`ve never tried the food because its prohibited in the States...nobody laughed. i guess its a touchy subject ha. anyways after the dinner as we were leaving the mom stood up, passed out, and completely fell on the floor really really hard. Luckily we were there to help her husband position her and lay her out. after a few minutes she came back but was in a lot of pain from when she fell and hit her knees and head. You could tell she was a little embarassed but im glad we were there to help her out. We stopped by the next day to see how she was doing and they were really glad that we came by and cared that we cared. We have another appointment with them right after this, we are hoping they will commit to come to church with us this sunday.

how are things back home? how did the move go for David and Whitney and the boys? anything cool going on in the world? Well i love you all and youre in my prayers. have a good week!!! until next time...

con MUCHO amor,

Elder Archibald

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