Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Week 54

Hey Familia!
   Well this was a pretty fun week. In the area we´ve been trying to get to know some other parts that we havent been to and get to know some members that live in those areas. The area is actually pretty huge so there is a lot to do. It was pretty sweet this week too because we got to use the car in are area a few nights and we really took advantage of really helps the work a lot. We have also been working in this part that is a little but more humble circumstances than the rest of the area, its called Los Altos de Loarque. Its pretty crazy to see how much nicer the people are and willing to talk to us and treat us like humans haha. When we contact in the wealthier areas its pretty hilarious how angry or scared people get just by us wanting to talk to them.
   We had a sweet Pday on saturday. In the morning we decided we wanted to go to this place called Valle de Angeles which is this really touristy small town where they have a lot of artesian stuff with museums and cultural stuff with a ton of little shops around. there were so many white people there! it freaked me out. They tried avoiding us though. Anyways, it was cool to get to see a pretty part of honduras. I took some pictures of the drive up there and a couple cool paintings that they have on the walls. I also bought a machete for 300 Lemps with a sweet leather case.
   Today we went to President Fortuna´s house to eat lunch, Hermana Fortuna made us some typical Dominican food and we played foosball haha. We are also planning a baseball game hopefully soon; president loves baseball...he says he knows Sammy Sosa haha.
   hey well i´m out of time. Let me know how everyone is doing! I LOVE YOU ALL
Elder Archibald

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