Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week 55: El Picacho

Hola Familia!
    ¿Que tal? hows everyone going? im going to first start off with saying congrats to David, Whitney, Jonas, Miles, and Abel for their brand new baby!! thats so exciting! she is beautiful. Claire is a very fitting name. How did everything go? are the boys excited?...any other pregnant people in the family that i dont know about yet? haha.
    Things have been going okay here in the office. Its been really really stressful though...just a million things that can and do go wrong haha. All the missionaries are having problems with their debit cards and other really exciting things like that. Just some of the difficulties about being the financial secretary. President Fortuna has also asked me to make a bunch of reports and analysis about some expenses over the last year or two and is asking my opinion about increasing the missionary allowance and other things i think the missionaries would need help with.
   As for the area ill give you an update on my investigators. Christopher is doing well, he gave a talk in church yesterday which was pretty cool because its something that he´s wanted to do for awhile. We met with him before to help him prepare the talk and everything turned out really well. It was kind of a bummer that his mom didnt show up to support him though. We were hoping that that could have been a turning point. The cubans are doing pretty well. we havent had much time to meet with them this week, but we are inviting them to a ward activity for couples and we´ll talk about the temple and eternal marriage. Then afterwards we are going to have a dinner...we are hoping that it will get some part member families and investigators inside of the church to break that first burrier. We have been trying to do a lot of finding and we have a lot of appointments for this next week. Im looking forward to it. There are also a lot of opportunities to do service, the bad thing is we dont have service hours to go do that. I would like to go some saturday on our pday to be able to do it, but my companion doesnt want to. Maybe we can find sometime during the week.
     We had another sweet pday on saturday too. We went with President and his two sons to this park called Picacho where they have this giant statue of Christ on the mountain that you can see from everywhere in Tegucigalpa...a lot like the one in Brazil, only not quite as big. We took some great photos and ill send them next week to you because i have to get them from the other missionaries´ cameras because i didnt bring mine :(.  It was a lot of fun to go see that and its something that we havent been able to do before because its outside of our mission.
   Other than that things are doing great here in Honduras. I miss you all and am praying for you. I hope youre all staying safe and enjoying life. Ill be here holdin down the fort in Comayagüela.
mucho amor!
Elder Archibald
Ps. What happened in Aurora? every single person (not kidding) i talk to, when they ask where im from, start saying how sorry they are for what happened there. There was a shooting in a movie theatre or something right? anyone we know involved in that?
PPS. I FINALLY GOT MY SCRIPTURE COVERS! the guy dropped em off. i attached pictures. they turned out great.

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