Friday, August 17, 2012

Week 58: Guaimaca

Hey everybody!
    Well im writing you from Guaimaca now....pretty far away from Tegucigalpa. The last couple days in the office were pretty hectic; just was trying to make sure that i could help Elder Livingston figure everything out before i left. Its really tough starting as a new secretary so i wanted to help him out as much as i could in that short amount of time. On Wednesday some church employees came in to perform the audit. It took forever and was really boring, theres no way i could do that as my job haha. Everything went well though, the didnt find any embezaling or anything bad like that haha. A few hours after that i drove myself out to my new area with the assistants. It was the wierdest feeling going out there haha. i felt like i was going camping or something. When we got there i got my stuff out of the truck and the elder who was there went back to the office. The area is super pretty though. Lots and lots of green and mountains. Theres not too much out here, theres one small store to buy groceries at but thats about it and the majority of the streets are just dirt...which means lots and lots of mud. It has been raining so hard out here the last week so my clothes got dirty pretty quick. And its back to cold water and bucket showers again haha. Luckily it wasnt too rude of a wakening. Im getting used to it again. The area is huge because its an entire city, we share it with another companionship here. The other elders in the district are about an hour bus ride away and the rest of the zone is about an hour busride to the other direction. 
   On friday we went back to the office for a Zone Leader Council with it really did feel like i took a camping trip and just came back to the office haha. It was nice being in the office without being a secretary. Anyways, Hermana Fortuna made us a really good lunch after the meeting and then we took the busride back to Gauimaca...but there werent any seats on the bus so we had to stand the whole legs hurt so bad by the time we got there haha.
     On Saturday we had a baptism of this girl named Angelica. She has been living with a member family here ever since her dad died about a month ago. She really loves the church and wanted to get baptized really soon. The baptismal service was kind of dramatic because she didnt like the baptismal clothing so she locked herself in the bathroom and cried until her aunt brought her a white dress was pretty wierd. Everything went well on Sunday too with her confirmation. Gauimaca is a pretty big branch of about 100 members that attend regularly. The Branch president is a really awesome guy, really excited about mission work. Im excited to get to know the rest of the members and the area.

Well thats about it for this week. Thanks for the emails, ill print them out and read them after i get off.

Con mucho amor,
Elder Archibald

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