Friday, December 14, 2012

Week 73: Piedras Bonitas, Comayagua

Hey family...
   Well Im not in Barrio Lempira anymore haha. CHANGES! crazy right? i
was SO surprised...and really sad honestly. i was not happy about
leaving the 15 baptismal dates we had there :(. The Zone leaders told
us the changes during the district meeting on tuesday so i was busy
all that day packing my bags and saying good bye to everyone that i
could. I really loved that area and it would have been nice to be able
to stay there longer than just 6 weeks...but anyways I went to the
transfer meeting the next day in my church in lempira and waited to
see where i was going to get sent. now im in an area called Piedras
Bonitas in the city of Comayagua. Its a really really pretty area
about 2 hours from tegucigalpa. Its super touristy and really clean
and beautiful and safe! Ive actually wanted to come to this area my
whole mission. My companion`s name is Elder Gillespie from Utah. He is
a really good guy. i just have 1 more change than him in the mission
so we are about the same "age". we are The Zone Leaders in the zone
comayagua...its HUGE. its the whole department of comayagua and its
got 12 companionships.
   On friday i went back to the city for the zone leader council in
president fortuna`s house. Sister Fortuna is always SO happy to see me
haha i love it. we learned a lot of great stuff about how we are going
to start using the book of mormon more and how we are going to be
working more with the members and we are going to be talking about
baptism with EVERYBODY. We have are zone meeting tomorrow so im
excited to communicate this to the rest of the zone. Also, i think you
already know, but the temple has a dedication date! March 17th! open
house starts on feb 7th. its so nice to finally have a date to tell
people. its going to be such a huge help with missionary work. I just
hope my branch is going to be well organized to help bring people to
see the temple.
  Im really loving the area though, we have a few great families. The
most special family right now is la familia Guzmàn. They are
absolutely incredible. They have a pretty nice house and the dad is a
politician here in comayagua. they have 8 kids! 6 of them are older
than 8. They all get really excited when we come to see them. They are
also really intelligent and are all reading in the book of mormon and
really understand the restoration. The only hard thing is its hard to
find them all together. this sunday only the dad and a nephew could
attend, but next week i think the dad and the rest of the family will
come too. They have a lot of friends in the church too so that helps
so much.
  I really love the branch here. Its actually pretty wealthy...its
funny in elders quorumn because everyone has their ipads out like i
imagine it is in the states haha. In our branch there are quite a few
military servicemen from the states that are stationed in a military
base right close by to the city. We are going to go to the military
base one of these days because elder gillespies dad is air force and
he has like a military ID that lets us get on the base..pretty cool i
know haha.

haha well thats it for now! thank you for everything...still waiting
for my christmas packages ;) haha

con mucho amor,

Elder Archibald

btw, we had a baptism on saturday of a family that just got
reactivated. their daughters got baptized.

and im attaching pictures of some of the families i left in lempira
...and some other pictures...that i took with the new camera

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