Friday, December 21, 2012

Week 74

Dear family!
   Another great week out here in Piedras Bonitas, Comayagua. I am honestly loving it out here. One of the best areas in the mission in my opinion. The branch is doing great (except for some gossip between leaders which is really immature and doesnt help anyone). But I think ill be here for another couple least i hope so. Haha you never know in the mission.
   Ill try to be quick because i dont have a whole lot of time but we had a pretty cool adventure on wednesday. We  had to go to this tiny little village to take out some wedding papers for the san pedro sula mission. Its called ojos de agua and its like an hour in a half from the city in car, we got a member to take us out there. The road was pretty ugly so it took us a really long time...we crossed this really sketchy bridge thats like help up with cords and wood planks. Luckily we made it across safe and sound with the car and all. then when we got to ojos de agua we had to go to another village about a half an hour further out but we couldnt make it in the car we had...then miraculously we found the only members in this place (there isnt even a branch there) he is the mayor actually, and they lent their motorcycle to the member we were with and he went to get the other papers. About an hour later he got back and we went back home in the car. We were gone ALL day doing that and we were so tired when we got to our house. I really hope this family gets married and baptized for all that stuff we had to do haha.
  Sunday was great we had a few investigators in church. An investigator from the military base came and we got to talk to him for a little while. Right now we are organizing an english tour of the temple during the open house with all the soldiers and military that want to go. We were really sad though because la familia guzman didnt show up to church, we went to their house in the morning and were getting dressed to go to church and said they would show up a little later but they never did. We are still working really hard with that family. They are amazing. They think im so funny haha, like everything i say they laugh so hard haha its so funny. Like someone knocked on their door during a lesson and i said it was probably their dog (not that funny) but they laughed for a good minute straight haha. Their kids are so great. Pray for that family please! 
   Also on saturday the whole mission did service for the bishops and branch presidentes. We showed up to the branch presidents house with machetes and we cut his lawn and cleaned it up for him. He was really appreciative.
So im pretty sure that ill be able to call at like 1 or 2, illl let you know next week the exact hour and see if i can use google or skype and to see if its skype 5.0...i still have to find an internet cafe that will be open on the 25th...most places are closed so ill see what i can do.
   Alright well thats about it...I love you all! thank you for your prayers and support. Have a good week
Con amor,
Elder Archibald

ps...sorry if parts of this letter dont make sense, i was writing really fast :)

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