Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Week 75: Feliz Navidad y Prospero ano

 Feliz Navidad!
    Hey everbody! well its been a good week out here in comayagua. Its been raining a lot though so we have been getting pretty wet and muddy as usual. Things are great in the area, a little slow lately. December has been a hard month because people travel a lot more and we set appointments and we show up and nobody is lots of wasted time because of people not following through which is pretty frustrating. We have been walking SO much. Our families are doing really good here, but it has been SO hard to get them to church. We arent sure what else we can do..the members come with us to invite them to church, we go to their house early in the morning to pick them up, we even bring them breakfast to wake them up haha. But they just dont come.. mainly La familia Guzman. Its been a challenge trying to help everyone in the family progress because there are so many 8 kids, the parents, and a nephew. The good thing is that they are reading in the book of mormon and praying. The kids in the family are such a good example, they read every day and pray and ask god if what we are teaching is true. And they say that theyve recieved an answer. The mom and dad are starting to do the same. We are hoping that when the season settles down a little bit it will be easier. The other family is la familia rivera, we have only had a few appointments but they are super positive. the mom met with missionaries about 5 years ago and her sister got baptized, and she said that she cried when the missionaries left. so she really loves the missionaries. The son of the family comes to church with us and is being a good example to the rest. He has lots of friends in the church now.
  Another cool thing thats going on is that the military members that live on the base are helping out with the missionary work. They are bringing a friend to church named miguel. He is from california and is military too. He has been to church 2 times now and wants us to go teach him on the base. So now they are helping me get a pass to get onto the base. The only bad thing is that we are going to have to wait 2 weeks to go see him because he will be on leave. His friend that brings him to church is a recent convert that got baptized 2 months before coming here to honduras and he has been here for 3 months. im impressed that he makes the extra effort to go to church every week.
  On thursday the whole zone went to tegucigalpa to Lempira (my old area) for the christmas activity. We were with 5 of the 9 zones. President and his wife spoke a little bit, then each zone did like a christmas presentation. Comayagua did a spin off of the grinch. it is always fun to be around other missionaries. After the skit things we ate a turkey dinner and played basketball. It was a good time. We ended the activity then got back on the bus to go home.
   I got the small package that mom and dad sent me. I love the tie!!! im excited to open the other package tomorrow.
 im excited to see you all tomorrow! i hope it works out. If not ill just call up mom and dad on their vonage number. The time is flying coming up on my 18 month mark.
con mucho amor
Elder Archibald

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