Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Week 76

Hey everybody,

    Another fast week here in Comayagua. It was really nice talking to mom and dad on christmas, too bad i couldnt see you all but i could hear a few screams from the nieces and nephews for a few seconds haha. Its always good to hear your voices. My christmas was a pretty normal day, but thats the missionary christmas and i really wouldnt have wanted it any other way. Next year hopefully we´ll be able to be together.
   On the 24th we ate something thats called Torrejas with a member family for a few minutes (they are like french toast but drenched in condensed milk or honey...they are way good. Its a typical christmas food) And then we left with the dad and a daughter from that family to go visit la familia guzman. The daughter is like 18 years old and wrote her testimony in a book of mormon to give to one of the daughters in la familia guzman. That was a really nice gesture and i love how the members are getting involved here. Then we went back to our house and went to bed and then at midnight the fireworks started haha with a few gunshots mixed in there haha but its not dangerous here at all. Christmas is way different here but its still a lot of fun. They wait til midnight and open up their presents right then.
  The 25th was pretty similar, we were knocking doors most of the day but we got to teach a few lessons. It was really kind of sad to see how people were just laying on the street really drunk from the night before. Thats not really the good cheerful christmas spirit we would hope for, but we are helping people change their lives to really make christ the center of everything.
   On Sunday we woke up early to go bring investigators to church. We went to la familia guzman`s house and they were all asleep so we kept knocking on the door hoping to wake them up, Then we continued on getting other investigators. Then we came back and they had woken up and said they were going to meet us there in the church so we left to church after that. But we were waiting there and waiting past the first and second hour and they didnt come. Before sacrament meeting we left again to go to their house to bring them and luckily we got the mom and three of the kids to come with us haha. It took a lot of effort on our part but they came. I hope they had a good experience but i was kind of bothered about how irrereverent some people were being. Like this dad was just running around the benches with his daughter making a lof of noise...i dont know how people like dont realize that they are being so disruptive. Honestly for myself i dont care, but its just embarassing when we try SO hard to bring people to church and then there are people acting like that...but i also have to understand that the church is really young here haha.

Today will be pretty similar to the 24th. They are actually exactly the same, just today there arent presents, but more fireworks.

anyways thats it for this week! i love you all. i hope you have a happy new year. 2012 went by so fast and it will be one of the only years in my life where i was able to give all my time and energy to heavenly father for the entire year. 2013 itll just be half haha.

con mucho amor,

Elder Archibald

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