Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 78

Hola familia,
   Hey well no word on changes yet...i assume that my companion Elder Gillespie will be transferred because he has been here for a long time. Actually his whole mission he`s been here in this zone, we have about the same time in the mission. But you never really know what will happen. I thought i was pretty sure i was staying in my last area and they dont tell us until tonight or tomorrow and the changes meeting is on wednesday. So its kind of a bummer if you buy a lot of groceries today and you get transferred...thats what happened to me last time haha.
   Its been a good week here as usual. Love the branch and the members and loving the investigators. Its been pretty hard lately though, we have been working really diligently and doing everything we possibly can to help the investigators progress...but they just wont come to church. The thing that bothers me the most is how easy it is for people to lie haha. they say that they are going to go and say it every time, or they tell us to come to their house at a certain time and then arent there. Its really hard. But we just keep finding new people and are hoping to find more people that will listen.
   We´ve been getting quite a few references lately. We have had a lot of success with the temple activity we were doing with the branch where the members come and then commit to having a family home evening with the people they are going to invite to the temple. The stake here has an assigned time to go to the open house on the 15th and 22nd of february, and march 1st. at 9 in the morning (all fridays) we hope that people will be able to take work off. Im really worried though that the members here really arent taking advantage of this opportunity, it seems like the missionaries are the only people working. Im giving a talk in church next week and i think ill talk about the temple to see if i can get people a little more excited.
   On wednesday we did exchanges with another companionship here in the city. i went to the other area. we took a bus pretty far and got off at this dirt road and we hiked 3 miles into the mountains to get to this village where they are starting a group of members so they dont have to travel so far to go to church. We were there for a few hours but had to leave before it got dark because there isnt electricity or running water and nobody has we hiked the other 3 miles back out..i felt like i was in scouts again haha. Later that night we went to a family that had gotten baptized a few months ago to teach one of their daughters who is deaf and was a really special experience. The sister translated in sign language for us. The girl says that she has a testimony and wanted to get baptized. So this saturday we i did the baptismal interview with her and her sister translated and she got baptized right after. 
   Yesterday we had a few investigators in church, but we are still struggling with getting others to come. But it´ll get better soon if we keep working hard. Miguel from the military base couldnt come because they are preparing for a mission and they leave to panama soon for a little while. But he calls us to let us know when he cant come.
  i reeeeally hope i dont get changed haha. Im loving it here. I think ill be here for 1 or 2 more transfers. Its crazy to think that i only have 4 more transfers left.
   alright well thats all for this week. I love you guys! the church is true. The book of mormon has the power to change people and we should really learn to trust in that power. The message of the restoration is really simple and we dont need to over complicate things. People gain a lot stronger testimony when they receive a witness that the book of mormon is the word of god rather than being convinced through reasoning. I love how the mission gets more fun and easier as i learn how to become a better missionary. Im loving it! 

Con mucho amor,

Elder Archibald

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