Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 80

Hey family,
    A good week here in Comayagua.  Im writing a little later than usual because we just got back from a little Pday adventure. My companion and i went with a recent convert here in the branch to a city close by calls Siguatepeque. Its really beautiful there and this member owns a lot of land and a couple hotels there so we went to go sight seeing for a little bit and he took us out to lunch. We just got back and im still feeling a little carsick. but anyways, it was pretty fun to go see that. Last Week we went to this museum in the old cathedral thats here in the central park of the city. they gave us a tour and everything and we got to see the worlds second oldest clock haha. It was cool because its the only like cultural touristy thing ive done like that in my mission. I took pictures but forgot to bring my camera cord to upload the pictures so i will do that next week. If anyone from the family happens to take a trip to honduras i would recommend coming here. 
   On wednesday our zone had our scheduled interviews with President Fortuna, its always a good opportunity to see how im doing and how i can improve. later that night we got robbed in the street, which was way surprising because its a super safe city, that didnt even happy when i was in Tegucigalpa. But the police cought one of the guys that had my watch, money, and our cell phone but we have to go pick it up from the police station at some point. On thursday we did exchanges for 2 days with the missionaries that are in Siguatepeque. I stayed here in piedras bonitas with the district leader, Elder Garcia, who is going home at the end of this change. He is really baggy. haha but we`re trying to help him finish strong. 
   We´ve been also working with some pretty great investigators, finally people are starting to progress. We met this kid named Gus on the street a week ago, He is 19 and has lived his whole life in the states (new york and texas) but had some problems with his papers and got sent to honduras to live with his mom who is from mexico and his step dad. Its kind of funny because i speak better spanish than he does...poor guy. anyways we have been traching him and its pretty different. we got him a book of mormon in english and have been teaching him and his mom. Gus came with us to church on sunday which was really great.
   Theres also this other family, la familia Rivera, that we have been working with a lot. The dad has stopped drinking and the mom who had been pretty hostile against us opened up a lot and went to church last week and really liked it and came again this week. Now they say that they are going to be preparing to get baptized. It has been incredible to see the change in them since we first met. And theres another family, familia Hyde, The mom and children are all members and the dad has been meeting with missionaries for years and years, but now he started coming to church again. He got in a really bad car accident and i think that made him realize that he needs to start living a better life. We invited him to get baptized on the 23rd, but he said that he should do it sooner, so He set his own date for the 9th. We hope that he goes through with it.
   Anyways, how are things going at home? how are all the kids doing? its so weird to think that its winter out there because it is BLAZING hot out here. well i love you all and hope that everyone is doing well. The church is true.

Con amor,

Elder Archibald

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