Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 79: me quedo!

Hey everybody,
    Good news, Ill be staying here in Piedras Bonitas, Comayagua for another 7 weeks. The assistants called on Tuesday morning letting us know the changes...about half the zone left. It was pretty crazy. Then Elder Gillespie was pretty happy to go because he has been in this zone his whole mission (18 months). We spent what little time we had saying bye to some people. Then early Wednesday morning we got on the bus and went back to tegucigalpa to my old area Lempira where we have the changes meeting. My new companion is elder rockwell from Utah. Another gringo haha. luckily my spanish isnt suffering too much. Anyways, My comp is a new zone leader and has about a year on the mission. im excited for the change.
   Last monday for Pday we went to one of the areas here in the zone called Villa de San Antonio to go ´´fishing´´. We went to this pond which was more like a big puddle. and we only had 1 fishing pole so the others tied fishing line to some sticks...and i just played the harmonica the whole time. but it was nice to be with the other missionaries. We didnt catch any fish. Today we are planning on going to this museum here in the central park of the city. 
   Things are going well with the investigators. We have been finding a lot of people through the members. They are inviting people over to their houses to have family home evenings about the temple. The stake has REALLY dropped the ball with the temple...they really havent been doing much. There is no money for buses so the branches and ward are getting money for their own. Luckily our ward mission leader is amazing and is really helping us (he is the old stake president). He is a professor here at the university so he is going to get a bus of students to come see the temple. We are also working with the military bus so they can get a bunch of people to go see. The goal as a country is to get 200,000 people to go see the open house. Its been kind of frustrating because a lot of the members dont comprehend how amazing it is that they are going to have a temple now and that this only happens once in their life. But i think we are waking the people up now.
    We have been teaching a family Rivera for the last few weeks and have been working really hard with them to get to go to church and finally the mom and dad and one of the sons showed up this sunday. I was so happy to see them. They could only stay for the first hour because their kids had soccer games but it was still really special that they came.
    Thanks for the info about BYU, its a little scary how fast time is going by...its a lot easier to just worry about teaching the gospel than life back home. So im not going to be worrying about it until i have to haha.
   Alright well thats it for this week! love you all and let me know how everyone is doing. The church is true!

Con amor,

Elder Archibald

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