Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 81

 Hey family,
    Another great week here in Comayagua. Things are really coming along well with the investigators. The Hyde family is ready, the dad Luther`s grandpa was from england so thats why they have that name haha. Anyways the hardest part is that he travels a lot for his work to the north coast but we  think he will be able to get baptized this month. Familia Rivera are doing great...we`re talking about marriage with them. The husband wants to get married but the mom is scared because she thinks that if they get married theyll just get divorced or split up...even though they have 21 years together. But they both recognized that they have made HUGE changes as a family in a very short time. The husband is drinking anymore and they started praying together. they are so grateful for what we have helped them do. The sad part is that the son whi is 15 is going to the united states to new york. He wants to get baptized this saturday before he leaves next week. He wants to go to church up there. Gus is doing great, he is reading the book of mormon and is already going to finish mosiah. He says that he is willing to make changes to get baptized. He was planning on going back to NY soon, but he likes it here so he is going to stay a little longer. Things are going will with the temple, We are getting a bus from the military base ready to go. There are some members there that are helping a lot (all recent converts or recently activated) but their are a few that dont like the idea of it because they want a separation of church and state...but its just a temple open house and is a cultural activity and a lot of people want to go. The guy who doesnt want to let us on the base or bring people to the temple is a return missionary (go figure) and from blackfoot. He says he knows grandpa. His last name is parker...maybe they can get someone to talk some sense into him haha. All of our other friends say that there wont be a problem. We are going to go on the 23rd with them i think. and we will go with the stake on the 15th, 22nd, and march 1st. We want to go to the cultural night but its later and night and we dont know if we can make it back in time. But they will broadcast it here in the chapel.

well thats it for this week! love you all

con mucho amor,

Elder Archibald

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