Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 87

  Hey everybody,
   It is so hot here. and its going to keep getting hotter. the sun is suuuper strong here. Im sure its worse somewhere else in the world though haha. Welp, im glad you all enjoyed the bus story, and luckily there was not a repeat this friday. But unfortunately not as many people wanted to go this week, we only had 2 buses between the 2 wards. I got the blood out of my white shirt, i used oxigenated water which worked really well...a good tip for the future haha. On friday i got to talk to the guy in charge of the temple construction (he`s from utah) he was explaining to me how basically everything in the temple is from honduras. The wood they used (mohagany?) is supposedly the best in the world..its what rolls royce uses in their cars. The gold in the temple is all from honduras. and the windows on the outside represent a famous waterfall here called Pulhapanzak. I would love for you guys to come see the temple with me and other parts of honduras, and especially the people. I am going to miss it here. a lot. I get a little sad but excited when i think about that i only have a few months left.
   We had house cleaning inspections. Our house was suuuper clean, and president and sister fortuna were big deal. We have a garden of Cilantro and sister fortuna took some to use in the dinner she cooked the zone leaders in a meeting we had. all of our neighbors come over to ask for some haha.
  I had a great birthday. It was pretty low key... normal missionary birthday. I opened my package from mom and dad! thank you! those finger puppets will be fun during sacrament meeting to keep my investigators entertained during boring talks. That talk you sent me was awesome too. loved it. Then our investigator on base invited us to watch him perform a surgery haha, we didnt go though. Then for lunch my companion and i went to pizza hut to celebrate. Im a little poor now...Then on saturday i got invited to a little birthday party, A guy in the ward had the same birthday and so he had a nice party. Good food, cake, and a mariachi band! it was sweet. I took some videos. Thank you for all your birthday wishes.
   There will be some changes in the mission soon. We are getting like 36 new missionaries this change. Here in the zone they are opening 5 areas. We already have 26 missionaries so i imagine they are going to divide the zone. Theyre going to open two new zones. And thats pretty cool about the new mission in Honduras. I wonder if they will change bounderies in ours. Im pretty sure ill continue as a zone leader here. I hope they dont take me out of the kind of tired of packing every change haha. This change ends on march 6th. And i know president said that ill be home on july 9th, but i think thats just my last day in the field technically. The change meeting will be on wednesday the 10th. and then my flight leaves from Toncontin thursday 11th around midday. so ill probably get home around midnight.
alright, well thank you for everything. I love you all! the church is true.
Con amor,
Elder Archibald

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