Friday, March 22, 2013

Week 88

Hey fam!
   Well we are here anxiously waiting the phone call from the asistants to see who stays and who goes. There´s a possibility that i will leave to open a new zone that is being created...i dont really want to go. Its been kind of frustrating how often i get changed haha. 2 changes in loarque, 2 in guaimaca, 1 in lempira, only 2 here so im praying that i will stay. There are some new really positive investigators that have gone to the temple. We are hoping to baptize 3 families this month. 1 of them went to the temple and wants to get baptized now. The temple is blessing the country already. The last trip to the temple went great. my companion and i went early because we had to go renue my residence card, then we went over to the temple to meet up with the branch. Only 2 buses came from the two wards, but it was still a good turn out. It was SO full in the temple that day. Some news castors were interviewing elder Amado in front of the temple, and then we talked with him for a few moments after. it was really nice to meet him. I had met him once before in the airport when president fortuna came. So after friday 185,000 people had gone to the open house, the goal was 200,000. On saturday 35,000 people went to the temple so they met the goal! the dedication will be soon, and the cultural night will be on the 16th. We arent allowed to go. but it will be broadcast to the chapel, so we will go watch it in the church. it should be really cool. We´ll see how well the members in Colorado can do with the new temple in Fort Collins. 
   The investigators are great. We went to the military base to teach miguel and he is pretty receptive. Its really different teaching in english. La familia rivera is doing great. They want to get baptized but we have to marry them first.

thank you for getting my housing all squared away! any ideas on classes i should take?

i love you all, thank you for your prayers. the church is true!

Con amor,

Elder Archibald

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