Friday, March 22, 2013

Week 89

2 years of using these keyboards, and i still dont know how to do a semi colon...
Hey family!
    ill start off with the good news...Im still here in comayagua! and im loving it. Monday a family took us shopping for groceries, but i didnt buy much because i wasnt sure if i would be leaving or staying. Then on tuesday morning we got the phone call from the asistents saying that we didnt have changes. YES! i was so happy haha. We went to the changes meeting on wednesday. 40 new missionaries came to the mission! 5 are from brasil and 1 from ecuador which is pretty cool...unfortunately none of them are in the zone haha so i wont be able to practice my portugues. The were some changes in the zone, we lost a district in a city up north called Siguatepeque, which was a bummer because i loved doing exchanges up there and one of my good friends just got made the district leader there, but i wont be seeing him much anymore. But president put a lot more missionaries right here in the city so we still have 4 districts and 13 companionships. There is another companionship here in the branch with us now.
     Friday we went back to tegucigalpa for the zone leader councel in President Fortunas house. He told us that we can go to all the sessions of the temple dedication if its broadcasted in our church building...and thats good because we are in the stake center. And no missionaries can go to the cultural night which is pretty sad, but we can at least watch it in the chapels where it will be broadcasted. Right now we need to be working a lot with the references from people that went to the temple. Unfortunately in my area there arent a lot of references...only 1. but in other areas there are more...but there were a lot of people that came on the first trip that didnt fill out information cards in the temple so that we can contact them because the sisters in the temple kind of dropped the ball the first few days and didnt do a good job at directing people to the info tent. But we still have a list of everyone that was on our bus and we´ll go around to the members asking who they invited. 
     There are a lot of people who have been attending church for awhile now but for whatever reason havent wanted to get baptized, but we are using the temple dedication as incentive for baptism. Theyll get baptized and have permission to be confirmed the same day this week so they can go to the dedication on sunday. The parents of la familia rivera (johnson´s parents), and Luther Hyde will be getting baptized this week before the dedication. and there are about 8 other people that we are going to visit with that we are pretty sure will want to be able to go to the dedication. We have lots of work to do. There is one family that we still have to meet with that is a reference from the branch president. The dad was less active, but his wife and 4 kids are members but they went to the temple and the rumor is that they all want to get baptized now...theyre called la familia Paz. We´ll see what happens. We have an appointment with them tonight.
   On saturday our investigador miguel from the base invited us to a boy scout thing he was sponsering because he knew we were eagle scouts. So we went to the bonfire they had and made some smores and got to know some other military people that want us to come visit them.
    On sunday we had quite a few investigators in church, including some from the military base. They were remodeling the church so all the ceiling was that was pretty ugly. but they are getting it ready for the dedication i guess. Saturday at 1800 hours we went to the sacrament meeting on base, it was pretty small, but we helped with the sacrament and i gave a was horrible haha i could NOT do it well in english. More people came that day because they heard we were coming so they got excited. There are a lot of recent converts there. Tonight we are having a family home evening on base with them too. They are really great people but just need a little more spiritual has to be pretty hard to avoid temptation in their situation. And now all these recent converts want us to meet their friends. So we´ll see what happens in the future there. Its pretty cool because we are friends with some pretty high rank people. The guy who runs the group on base is Chris Parker from Blackfoot ID...does the name ring a bell dad? he says he knows grandpa. All these guys have pretty sweet stories from Iraq, and they love it here in Honduras. we are just trying to figure out how the members here can go to the dedication because they dont have their records here and not very many are endowed and have recommends.
   Congratulations mom and dad for finishing your mission. Im so proud of you for dedicating that year and a half completely to the lord. just dont leave on your next mission before i get home! unless you come here to Honduras haha. Those pictures from Croatia look sweet. 
    Any news on class registration for fall? any suggestions of classes that i should take?

I love you ALL, thank you for your prayers. youre in mine. The book is blue, The church is true.

Con amor,

Elder Archibald

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