Friday, March 22, 2013

Week 90

Hola familia!
   How is everyone doing? well it has been an event filled week. First off, It is blazing hot right now. And it should only be getting worse for the next few weeks. it gets pretty exhausting. First off, unfortunately La familia Rivera did not get baptized. We had their wedding on friday and everything went great, but the mom, leily, got really really sick and couldnt make it to the it will be until next week. Also Luther did not come back from work in the north coast so he didnt get baptized was pretty hard week for that and i got pretty sad to be honest with you. I really hope that the baptisms come through for the next week, even though they will have to wait a week to be confirmed because we have a stake conference. They will be calling a new stake president. Elder Duncan from the 70 will be coming to organize the stake. mom, did you say we were related to him some how? 
   On Saturday night we went to the stake center here to watch the broadcast of the Cultural event which was held in a stadium in Tegucigalpa. President Uchtdorf, Elder Holland, Elder Martino, Elder Amado, Elder Duncan, and one other 70 thats shweizer? i cant remember the name. Pres. Uchtdorf started off the meeting saying how he had met with The president of Honduras a few days ago and that he would have liked to come to the event but that he was going to rome to meet the pope. And then president uchtdorf made a shout out to the pope haha. He wished him luck and it was really respectful. The first stake to present their dance was from Comayagua. They did something with Nephi`s vision of the americas in the future. It was really cool. The rest of the stakes did lots of Mayan and Lenca Dances and the stakes from the north coast did some of their like tribal dances and drums and stuff. It was so cool. Also all the youth signed a book committing themselves to serving fulltime missions and gave it to president uchtdorf. It was way cool seeing a bunch of youth from my other areas and some adults that appeared too.
  On Saturday we went to the three sessions of the dedication. It was amazing. There were some really really inspiring talks by Elder Holland and Elder Uchtdorf. Really helped my desire for other people to have temple blessings. For the last session we went to go pick up some members from the base, they loved it. unfortunately the mission president told us that missionaries will not be allowed to go to the temple...he says we dont have time to do that. I guess he´s right, we should stay more focused on the work...but still im sure we could find time on a p day to go. That would be better than playing soccer. I really really miss the temple. 2 years is a long time without going to the temple. I just want to be able to do at least one session before i go home.

   alright well thats about it. thank you for EVERYTHING. I have the best family in the world. The church is true.

con amor,

Elder Archibald

ps. I got the package from mom and dad! thank you! last package from germany (sad face)

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