Friday, April 12, 2013

Week 91

Hey family,
    Its been another good week, but it is blazing hot. Its been above 40 degrees C about every day this week, i think thats like above 100 F…its pretty exhausting. Unfortunately la familia Rivera hasn’t gotten baptized yet. The whole family has been pretty sick the last few days and have had been in the hospital. So that has been pretty hard for us and them. We have been finding some new people as well which is keeping us busy.
    On Tuesday we had a meeting In the city with the mental health doctor of the central American and carribean areas. He was the mission president here in Comayaguela in 2003 to 2006. The cooler part was that there was a guy that my companion met in his last area who came to visit his family here in Honduras but he lives in Pleasant Grove, UT. And He wanted to take us out to lunch that day because he was here for the dedication. He was also accompanied by his old mission president and the presidents wife. He was the mission president here 30 years ago. President Bingham from Mesa Arizona. He is like 90 now. But it was awesome to get to hear him talk about how much the church has grown since he was here. He was telling about when he created a branch in Comayagua…and now it’s a stake! He was really excited to talk with us so we could tell him about what is going on in the work now. He said that he would have loved for us to be serving in his mission when he was serving haha. Then they drove us all the way back to Comayagua from Tegucigalpa.
   We had stake conference on Sunday too. Elder Duncan from the area presidency, Elder Laboriel from the area seventy, President Fortuna, And President Ocampo the temple president were there and all gave really great talks. There were lots of people in attendance and we were glad to have some investigators there too.
    We have been able to go out to the military base a few times this last week. The capt. That normaly holds the sacrament meeting wasn’t going to be able to be there so he asked us to do it. It was pretty cool to be able to serve the members in that way. There are a few investigators coming on a regular basis and a lot more recent converts that were baptized in other bases. They seem a lot more excited about it now that they are able to be with missionaries. There are lots of people that kind of fall through the cracks when they get moved and they don’t know who is LDS and don’t have a support group and that means that a lot start doing things they know they shouldn’t be doing…but in that environment its probably pretty hard to avoid temptation without a really strong base. We have some pretty strong members too though. There are 3 return missionaries, one is a black hawk pilot and he says he took a bunch of his pilot buddies to the temple open house and they loved it. We are going to start visiting them as well. The guys name is Matt Moss from Logan UT….he just got accepted into the Blackhawk special forces unit…remember the pilot that dropped the 6 navy seals in osama´s house? He will be doing that stuff…pretty sweet haha. He says he will take us out to the run way to go look at the helicopters and airplanes. There is also a lady from Romania that is American military now that is helping us out a lot with teaching her friends.
   Well that’s about it for now. I love you all. How is life back home? Are you getting the house ready for me? Haha. The time is going by wayyyy too fast.

Con mucho amor y cariño,

Elder Archibald

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