Friday, April 12, 2013

Week 92

Hey Family,
First off, my schedule looks pretty sweet. Im excited about classes this fall and to do well in my classes. Its nice to know ive got good brothers sisters and parents that take care of me. Its a relief to know things are ready for after-mission life. Thanks again.
Conference was AMAZING. It could not have picked a better session than that for my last conference in the mission. I got to watch it all in English. I loved Pres. Uchtdorfs talk about light and darkness, we cant just wait sitting in a dark room waiting for someone to flip the switch of our spiritual light. Elder Holland`s about help thou my unbelief, we need to believe first, or want to believe and the lord will work with what we have. Elder Christopherson`s about redemption, we need to help redeem others when we can...and of course Elder Kopischke´s talk was great. Haha i bet john was really excited to see his mission president talk. Mom and dad met him too right?
 We had quite a few investigators show up too which is always great. We found an older gentleman on friday named David. He lives here and comayagua and also in a house right by the temple in Tegucigalpa. He said he has been jumping from church to church and feels like he hasnt attained anything in his life spiritually. He went to conference sunday morning and was touched. It was cool to see how he attended church so soon after us meeting him. He says he feels lost and wants to make changes. I hope that he will continue progressing. Also one of our investigators from the military base, lance, sent us a text asking if we wanted to go get lunch with him that day. We told him we couldnt, but we invited him to watch the afternoon session of conference. He and a recent convert friend of his, Rima from Maldova, came right at the beginning of Elder Holland`s talk. Perfect timing. That was the perfect session for them to go to. He comes pretty regularly to our FHE group and sunday service on post when he isnt working. Last thursday we did our group on base and we were walking and he ran out after us to say hi, and said he wasnt working so we invited him and he came with us.
On friday we traveled to President`s house for ZLC. Most my friends in the mission are ZL`s now so its fun to spend some time with them. still bummed that we arent allowed to go to the temple yet...
Remember Luther Hyde? Well he finally got back home from the coast and we met with him on 2 days and now he has a baptismal date for next saturday on his son`s birthday. His son passes the sacrament every sunday and is a really great kid. Now a year from then they have plans to get sealed as a family in the temple. The missionaries have been struggling with him for YEARS but now he is finally ready. I really hope everything goes as planned. We have also been working SO hard with la familia Rivera. They are like hardly ever home when we go over there, but everytime we do meet with them, they are excited about baptism. We are working to get them baptized this weekend along with Luther. If i get transfered that will be a great way to end my last week in this area. Transfers are on the 17th
Im absolutely loving my time here. I love the members. Even the members i didnt really like that much before are really starting to grow on me haha. I feel really loved here.
How was march madness for brett and dad? Oh, happy belated birthday brett haha. I ate a cupcake in celebration. Heather`s house looks SICK. electric razor ran out of batteries, so ive been shaving acoustically. I dont know if someone could send me a charger for a phillips electric razor? it saves me a lot of time in the morning. i would buy one out here but, im pretty sure it will be impossible to find...stupid thieves, why did they have to take that? nobody will even have an electric razor to use it. 

alright well that is about it for this week. Less than a 100 days left...haha im trying not to count. i love you all. take care!
Con amor,
Elder Archibald

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