Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week 93

Hey family,
Another good week here in Comayaguay is still really hot. You cannot escape the heat.
Its been a pretty eventful week. Monday we did the usual playing soccer and shopping. On Tuesday we went out to the military base for our family home evening group. We had a pretty good turn out. We are getting a lot of support which is pretty cool. We have a few investigators and less actives coming pretty consistently. We are making quite a few friends out there. Our investigador lance gives us rides in his military police hummer pretty cool haha. He wanted to take us out to the shooting range to watch them do target practice haha pretty sweet.
On Wednesday i got a phone call from the zone leaders in my last area telling me that carlos, one of the sons in la familia landes that got baptized, died a few days earlier. He was 12 years old. He got hit by a motorcycle and had some head injuries. He was in and out for a few days in the hospital until his lungs collapsed the doctors weren't too focused on anything else but the head injuries. The dad, Juan carlos, had gotten the melchisedek priesthood a week earlier and one night while in the hospital with carlitos he woke up and saw his son struggling. He gave him a fathers blessing telling him that if it was god will, that he pass on and start his mission on the other side of the veil. 20 minutes later he died. The family is doing pretty okay considering the circumstances. I wrote them a letter, and the dad sent me a pin of the temple that he had made (he is a jewler). Im really grateful that carlos was able to receive a baptism before passing away. A few hours after the zone leaders called me we went to the church for interviews with president. One of the first things he asked me was are you ready to train?创 haha i was pretty surprised. I wanted to finish my mission training and that exactly what ill do. On Friday i went to tegus for a meeting for people who will be training. There are 4 of us from my group that will finish training. Pretty cool.
On Thursday Rima Rusnac bought us a bunch of beef jerky and Swedish fish and other stuff from the PX on base love that place.
On Saturday our friend Matt Moss from the military base took us out to the run way and flight deck to see all the blackhawks. IT WAS SO COOL. We got to sit inside and he showed us how to fly a Blackhawk felt like a little kid. He had just gotten back from a mission in Belize burning marijuana crops. Pretty cool stuff.
On Sunday I bore my testimony in church and was able to say goodbye to the branch. I really loved it here. Then at 1600 we went to the service on base. It was a good day. We got to talk with the chaplin and some people from other churches that wanted to know more about us.
Well that about it for this week. Transfers on Wednesday so it sounds like its good bye Comayaguay next email ill be writing you from some other place. I love you all. Take care.
Con mucho amor,
Elder Archibald

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