Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week 101

Hey family!
    Well another pretty normal week. Changes meeting was last wednesday, we didnt go because we dont have changes. So its official, im ending in Tiloarque. Im on my last change now and have about 5 weeks left...pretty crazy. they just sent me my flight plans. its getting a little more real now. im actually going home. Im really happy about how im ending.
   Its been raining a lot all week, on thursday night we were leaving our apartment and walking down the stairs in the dark and i fell down the stairs. it wasnt too far, but i still scraped my elbow and twisted my ankle pretty bad...i heard a pop, but i dont think it was anything bad. It got pretty swollen. now the swelling has gone down and its just purple. but it doesnt hurt that much and i can still walk fine.
   On friday we went to teach Alan and Cristian. Alan hid from us, but his family let us in and we found him haha. he was eating and didnt want us to interupt his meal. We talked a little bit more with him and he says that he wants to get baptized on the 15th. There are lots of his friends there that are neighbors that want to go to church and even get baptized, but their parents dont allow them to go. So we are using that to find some more families and clear up some misconceptions. 
   There was a baptism on Saturday of an investigator of the sisters. It was a really great service with lots of help from the members. a drunk less active guy that i talk to sometimes in the street showed up randomly to the baptism and was a little drunk and he sat next to me so i got the job of trying to keep him under control...its the worst when drunk people want to whisper to you, horrible breath. 
   Thats awesome that you saw the brother and sister Ray at janet´s funeral. Send me pics of heathers house! i want to see how its coming along.
    alright, thank you for the pictures and the updates. im glad everyone is doing well. youre all in my prayers. 

les amo mucho,

Elder Archibald

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