Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week 102

Hey family,
    Things are great here in Tiloarque, Comayagûela. In week 9 of the training progress...its kinda cool to be able to review all these things to polish up before i finish. I really love the ward here, making some good friends and people are really excited to help us out. Ive never seen a ward get so excited about missionary work. Next week we have a stake activity in the chapel of the temple. We are inviting all investigators, recent converts, and less actives. President Fortuna will be giving a message and then we will be able to walk around the temple gardens with our investigators. We have a few families that we are teaching, and i think that would really help them a lot. There is a family that is really great that we are teaching...they are our neighbors. The son is 20 years old and got baptized a few months ago...the bad thing is they kept it a secret from the dad. The dad, Rafa, wasnt to keen on the idea of his son getting baptized into the mormon church, but he has chilled out a lot and really likes when we visit him. He said he couldnt connect to the sister missionaries that were visiting him before. But the mom and son are still trying to figure out how to tell the dad...pretty uncomfortable. im afraid that if he decides he wants to get baptized with the family and he finds out that his son already got baptized then he might get mad and upset with the church or i dont know what else could happen. The mom, Jenny, Comes to church with her son every sunday almost and is really positive. Right now we are just working on getting the dad to church. He opened up a lot to me when i asked him about his work and talked a little bit about soccer. I think that in a few weeks we`ll be able to get him to church...especially because they only live like 50 yards away from the church.
    Alan and cristian are getting baptized this saturday. Yesterday, Alan didnt go to church, we went to his house with his friends that go to church and went to wake him up in his bed haha but he didnt want to wake up. So that was pretty frustrating because the day before he had really really really committed to going. But he can still get baptized, so we are gonna be visiting them every day this week. its pretty frustrating/funny because they cant have us in their house at night from 7 to 9 because they watch a telenovela (soap opera) and i guess its getting reeeeally good haha because almost nobody wants to open their doors during that time on the days that its on. Same thing when Honduras is playing soccer haha. Tomorrow jamaica comes to honduras to we are gonna have to find something to do. The city literally shuts down. They close schools and work to watch the game.
   Thanks dad for figuring that out with my card, ill be waiting for the card in the mail, and ill be taking money out with elder hamilton soon. Hes a really good guy. we have a family reunion in august? where? let me know what my topic is for my talk on the 14th so i can prepare a good one ;) haha. heathers basement looks like its coming alot great.
   I love you guys, thanks for EVERYTHING. trying to finish strong these last 4 weeks.
con MUCHO amor y cariño,
Elde Archibald

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