Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 10


alright, i dont have a lot of time so ill try to fit in all that i can
quick. some thigns i forgot to mention last time is that pres. flores
doesnt really speak english so thats another reason i have to learn
spanish quick. Elder Perez mumbles when he speaks spanish so its super
hard to understand...even the people here have a hard time
understanding him.
  Something thats pretty cool is all the missionaries getting trained
get DVD players to watch preach my gospel training videos. I love my
district here. there are a bunch of cool elders. one is Elder
Polamalu, his cousin is Troy Polamalu that plays for the Steelers. i
guess theres a video about him in the MTC by should check it
   last pday was pretty crazy, being out shopping and all that in a
completely spanish world...its gonna take some getting used to for
sure. Its rains every day here so ive been pretty soaked most the
time. also there are gross pigs and dogs EVERYWHERE. i hate them haha.
BUT i still havent gotten sick at all yet. i{ve been good about the
water i would be proud. also my work for Colorado mosquito
control has paid off. i was washing my clothes in the pira (this
concrete tub) and i saw all these little things swimming
around...mosquitos. my companion had no idea what they were.. so we
are going to buy some stuff to kill them.
   Teaching is going great. lots of families progressing. we baptized
a family on saturday. the Zepeda Family. i got to baptize the Dad so
that was a really cool experience. there are also a lot of other
families progressing towards baptismal dates. the lord really does
prepare people to be taught.

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