Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 12

Hola familia,
yet another week down. it was a pretty good week, the first without a baptism though haha. its funny how i'm used to having baptisms every week, the work is really progressing here in honduras. well let me think what i did this week...we have 9 people with baptismal dates next month...possibly 11. we'll see. its been amazing to see how much success we have been having. its really what keeps me going. although we are having a lot of trouble finding new investigators though. any suggestions for door approaches from my brothers and brother in law? im not really sure what to do haha.
last pday was alright. we just emailed, then went shopping, then went back to the house and cleaned a bunch. did laundry sucks without a washing machine, my knuckles were like raw after cleaning all my clothes on the concrete wash board haha. the rest of the zone went to go hang out somewhere but i guess elder perez didnt want to go, so we just sat around in the house all day. we were super excited though because we finally got a fan that we were waiting on from the mission office for the last 3 weeks because out other one broke, but when we were putting it together we found out it didnt have a motor...haha. this week ive had a pretty bad cold and little bit of a fever, and it doesnt help that im not really getting any rest either. we only take 15 minutes for lunch and 15 minutes for dinner every day. and then its back to climbing up these sides of mountains.  the spanish is coming along slowly but surely...i have my good days and i have my bad days. but everyday it gets a little better. im understanding more but its still super hard to formulate how im going to respond in spanish in my head. oh and i should probably explain the new training program for the mission field. before i th ink it was only a 6 week training program but now its 12 weeks with an additional hour of companionship study everyday. But with the new training, supposedly the new missionary is supposed to be able to be a trainer after. the zone leaders told me that they think that i might be training in a few more not sure what to think of that. i can barely speak spanish, i dunno how i could train someone else haha.  but last thursday was pretty fun, there was leadership training all day so i went on exchanges with elder polamalu and i showed him around San Rafael, when we contacted with him we got a lot of positive contacts. then on sunday we had 5 investigators in church, it was a really good sunday too. the stake president spoke and really recognized the investigators and made them feel super welcomed. also there was a family that has been innactive that we got to start coming back to church. the family has 13 kids with their single grandmother so it was pretty cool to see their effort to get to church.
anyways, what else is goin on at home? well...i guess john and kelli are the only ones at home. wow thats weird to think about haha. how was aidens birthday? oh and i also just got moms package with the ties today! thank you!! when did you send it? well we dont have much time left. sorry no pictures today ill try to send some next week. btw thanks everyone for the letters and emails. i got matts dear elders and also a few letters from friends.
i love you all. youre in my prayers.
Elder Archibald

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