Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 11

Hey family,
first off thank you so much for the emails from everyone. i love you all so much. the mission is hard, thats for sure, but i know that ill get through this rough time.  but anyways, its been raining A LOT. rains every day SUPER hard. and there is sooooo much mud. ive been using my goretex shoes pretty much all the time and my feet have been kept pretty dry so thats good.
last pday was awesome, we came to the church and emailed (the keyboards are really weird and thats why i hardly put in punctuation haha) after that we played soccer, americans vs the natives haha. it was really fun. after that i got a haircut and a shave at a barber shop here. it only cost like 35 lemps (which is like a buck fifty i think). then we went shopping for groceries...its really hard to shop because i dont know what good prices are yet and i dont really know what the food is its a learning experience.
the 15th was independence day here. it was NUTS. everyone was lighting off these homemade fireworks (bombs) and they were SOOO loud. it was sweet. but the funny thing is that the next day, after the local soccer team won there match, there was more fireworks lit off than during independence day.
this week weve been eating a lot more authentic food. i had my first baleada...they are soooo good. we get them a lot more often now. and i still really havent gotten sick yet so thats really good (knock on wood) but im sure its just a matter of time.
on friday i had exchanges and went to a different area. i went to Elder polamalu"s area and spent the day doing work there. it was pretty nice to get out of San Rafael. it is SOO ghetto there haha but the area i went to was actually pretty nice (nice for honduras). it was fun to be with Elder P because everyone loves his personality and he gets into a lot of houses. when i was with polamalu my spanish was a lot better because i wasnt nervouse to talk to the people when i was with him because his spanish isnt that great. but i was able to really talk and have a was so awesome.
on saturday i got to baptize Edwin Zepeda, the son of the family we baptized last saturday. its awesome that ive got to get in the water twice already. but it was great to be able to complete that family. Edwin says that he wants to serve a mission and be like me...he really warmed up to me which is cool to make connections like that.
also...the animals here are crazy..animal planet needs to come film here. theres packs of dogs that all fight each other in the streets, and then a gang of pigs came in and started fighting the dogs and then some chickens got thrown in there too somehow. i wish i would have gotten a video haha.
anyways, i love you all so much. i love the letters. i get emails more often than dear elders so emails are probably better.
hope youre all doing well. Im so excited for mom and dad. i want some pics of them. they are gonna be awesome in germany. i cant wait to hear their stories. sorry i dont have more time to respond to everyone, but know that i lvoe you all so much.
con amor
elder archibald

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