Thursday, January 19, 2012

More on Elder Archibald's transfer

Dear Marjean and Roger,

I assume that Elder Archibalds email today has informed you of the new change in his life here in Honduras. We are very pleased that we will get to work closely with him for the next several months!  He is being placed in a very important and demanding position and I am sure he will do a wonderful job. We will enjoy seeing him on a daily basis, working with him in his assignment and getting to know him much better. We spend a good bit of money for missionary health purposes and it  all comes through the Financial Secretary.

It was fun to watch his reaction, and our own reaction this morning. Neither of us knew when we first saw each other this morning what was going on. (There are always emergency transfers for one reason or another.) Then within 15 minutes we learned that he is being assigned to the Mision Office staff. We were all quite shocked. We were very happy about it, but I seemed to catch a bit of a hic-up in Elder Archibalds reaction when he learned that he was being taken out of his loved  comfort zone as a full time proselyting missionary. He will continue to be a proselyting missionary after 4:00 PM every day when the Elders leave the office on week days and they don't come in on Saturday and Sunday. So all is not lost for those who love doing missionary work, and it is not a permanent, "rest of the mission" assignment. From what we have seen, it is usually a 6-8 month assignment, but the present Financial Secretary, Elder Solter (who we have enjoyed a lot and has done a very good job) has only been in the office for 3 months.

So, life in Honduras continues to be exciting and changing. Also today, Elder Jones, the cousin on the Andersen side of the family who came out with Elder Archibald, also got a new assignment and was in the office this morning. His was a transfer of his present "greenie" to another area and Elder Jones will receive a new missionary that is just arriving tomorrow from the CCM (MTC in Guatemala).

We hope all is well with you folks, that your work is still fun and exciting. Missions always seem to have "events" that keep us on our toes. We will try to take good care of Elder Archibald while he is under our noses. Let us know if there is any little thing we can do to make your missionary lives in the Archibald family a little better.

Success to you.

Love,  Elder Ray

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