Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Week 25

Hey family, heres this weeks letter home...not a whole lot to write since we talked only a few days ago.
Hola Familia!
Cono Estan Todos?
Well I don’t have a ton to write on talk about since we talked on Saturday, but there’s a few things I forgot to talk about, I think.  First off, it was really awesome to be able to see and talk with everyone, I’m glad that everything worked out, a HUGE thanks to Elder Ray.  It was crazy for me to see how much all the nieces and nephews have grown.  It’s gonna be crazy seeing everyone when I get back in a year and a half.  But I was glad to see how happy everyone looked.  The 40 minutes went by way too fast, I could have spent the whole day talking.  Right after I hung up I checked to see if I had any mail and I found the envelop mom and dad sent with this year’s book.  Nürnberg looks awesome!  We are goina have to make a deal… If mom and dad want to come pick me up here in Honduras and see my mission, they need to show me around their mission after HAHA.  I also got a letter from RJ, it was good to hear from him.

Also, something sort of funny happened on the bus ride home from the office.  Here on the busses there’s always people that get on and sell random things like gags of water, gum, candy, fruit, popcorn, flashlights… really whatever.  But what was funny it that I was just sitting there and one of those guys hands me a candy bar and says, “Welcome to my country, man!”  and he just gave it to me for free and, I said thanks and then he left.  And then after that another guy gave me free gum and said “Merry Christmas” and then after that another person gave me a piece of this cinnamon bread stuff… After that everyone was looking at me… the white guy on the bus that gets all the free stuff.  Pretty awkward HAH!

Christmas eve was another night of ridiculous amount of food.  Another 4 dinners! House after house after house giving us food and being forced to eat.  They were all really good though.  My favorite, Nacatomales… with potatoes, rice, yucca and pork.  They so good!

At midnight everyone started shooting off fireworks and shooting their guns for 10 minutes or so… It was nuts.  So loud.  But all the fireworks and music kept us up pretty late so we didn’t get much sleep.  I was pretty tired all day on Christmas because of that.  And people gave us a TON of food again.  Everywhere we went people brought out tamales for us to eat.  I’m still full.  By the way, the kid loved the little toys that Jonas and Miles sent.  That was such a good idea.
Well that’s about it for this week.  Love you all!  Hope you had a Merry Christmas,  I want to hear about it.
Con Amor
Elder Archibald
List of requests/random things..
·         I need some addresses, Elder Wood, Grandpa, Mom & Dad … also if you could get on Elder Briggs’ email list and send them to me with the rest that would be great.  I also am going to write my friend Mitch Winter to tell his mom to send you his emails.
·         There’s a member in my zone that makes these awesome leather scripture covers and he engraves whatever picture you want into them, w/ your name and everything.  I want to buy 1 for my triple, bible and Hymnal.  In total 1000 lempira=$50.  Do you think it’s okay to take that out of my checking account or it it too much?  Maybe a late Christmas gift?  HAHA

love you all!!!!
Elder Archibald

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