Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week 28

Hey Familia,

Welp this was my first full week here in Jesus de Otoro.  I don't know if you have had a chance to look at a map, but I am pretty far out here away from Tegucigalpa.  HA HA  I'm in the middle of nowhere.  There are a few areas that don't have electricity.  But its really tranquilo.  Everybody rides their horse around town and have their trails hitched up to their horses bulls.  I've had some close encounters with some big longhorns.  HA HA  Also our neighbors down the street have a pet monkey that is always climbing in the trees. Our living area is pretty decent, we have our own house and we actually have our own backyard.  But it's kind of a hassle because we cut the grass and bushes by hand....with Machetes!  I'm not going to lie, I feel pretty cool with my Machete.

Monday was a pretty boring P-Day, we just went to use internet, buy groceries, and cut my hair.  There isn't really a whole lot of selection out here to buy food so I eat a lot of cereal and sandwiches.  And my hair cut is ridiculous. Ha Ha  They don't know how to cut white people hair.  They shaved my hairline so it comes to a point in my side burns and my temples, and also shaved up around my ears.  Then put a nice handful of gel in to top it off.  I came out of that Barberia looking so Honduran.  After that we just spent the whole time cleaning the house and washing our clothes.  Still have to wash everything by hand so it takes a long time.  Also our own water supply is outside from a hose faucet, we don't have running water inside the house so we have to carry buckets of water in to flush the toilet and to shower.  The water is really brown always too so I feel like when I do laundry my clothes are getting dirtier...I feel dirtier after I have to take my bucket shower too! Ha Ha  We didn't have water for a few days this week so we had to just use the pila (tub thing with all the water)  I don't know what you would call it in English.

Wednesday we had to wake up at 3am because we had to go to Tegucigalpa for a meeting for the leaders in the mission at 8am.  Since my companion is the District Leader he had to go to the meeting and normally the companions just go out and work the whole time during the meeting.  So we dropped my companion off but when we got to the houses we got a call saying that President wanted me to the meeting so we walked back to drop me off.  It was a really interesting meeting, we talked a lot about why certain stats are low and ideas about how we can fix it.  It was pretty long though, 8am-4pm.  I'm not sure why President wanted me there because I'm not a leader, but it was good.  I learned a lot.

On Friday we had to go to a city called La Esperanza that's even higher in the mountains and is supposed to be the coldest place in its really not that cold. Ha Ha We had to go there for a baptismal interview, it was about an hour away.  But get ready for this...When we got back the AP's called us to tell me to pack my bags because there are emergency transfers.  So I have to be in the office with all my stuff on Monday.  It's a big hassle to pack all my bags again just a week later, and I was excited to work in Otoro and work hard to change the area.  BUT, I'll go where the Lord wants me to go.  This last week was actually really good.  We were doing a lot of finding new people to teach and a lot of less actives.  The other day we were contacting and knocked on the door of the ex-Branch President who has been inactive for the last 4 years and he went to church on Sunday with his kids and we had 6 investigators in church and we found a lot of investigators this week.  Our contacting paid off so I was kind of sad to leave after all the progress we were having.  Surprisingly a lot of the members were sad to see me go only after  week and a half.  But I'll go where the Lord needs me to go'!

Welp that's about all that has been going on this week.  Things are good.  I'm happy, nothing better than seeing miracles on a daily basis.  Let me know how everyones doing, Love you all so much.

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Archibald

More on the Emergency Transfer
craaaaazzyyy week! emergency transfers! i left Jesus de Otoro and now im in the office...being trained to be the new finance guy. its most likely that ill be in the office for the next 6 a little humbled by this haha. theres a LOT to learn...usually the finance secretary has a lot of time in the mission...and i only have 4 months in the field. but i know that i can do it. i was a little sad to leave the old area, i had lots of ideas for the place and already made some really good friends with the members in the branch.
love you all,

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