Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 30

Hey Everybody .

These weeks here in the office are flying by.  I'm still feeling pretty overwhelmed with everything I have to learn how to do...its a lot to do and a lot of little things that i could screw up and make big problems.... legal contracts for apartments and houses, dealing with old land lords that say we owe them money, missionaries asking for more money because they spent their allowance too fast, putting my name on checks with huge amounts of money to bring cash back to the office from the banks, and lots of other stuff like that.  And not to mention waking up at 5:30 every morning makes me pretty tired.  But it's actually been a blast being able to be where everything is happening and get to know more missionaries.  I'm learning a ton....but sometimes I don't feel like a missionary when I am in the office and I don't like that at all, but im just working hard and doing my best. I hope everythings going well in Germany

I'm still extremely happy about living in the mission home though, Ha Ha.  Hot water and the washer/dryer are amazing, and we have an oven too...not that I ever bake anything, but just nice to know I could if I wanted, Ha Ha.  Ha Ha, I do have a little bit of a hard time feeling sympathetic for the missionaries in Mom and Dad's mission though.  The only things that most of the apartments or houses have are 2 metal chairs, a folding table, an electric camping stove, beds, ironing board/iron, and a little thing to hang our clothes up....oh and the big concrete tub to wash our clothes, Ha Ha.  Oh one other thing I love about being in the office is that we have a cell phone, it makes life so much easier.  If an appointment falls through we can call them upon call someone else to set something up.  It's a huge help.   The President and I were talking today while I was having him sign some checks for me and he was telling me how he wants me to be in the office until he leaves and to be able to recieve the new mission president. I think that would be really neat to be able to get to know the new president while working in the office right there with him...but that means I'll be here until August 1st...or longer haha. its a LONG time. Also the other missionaries here have been telling me that its most likely that I'll we be assigned to be the district leader here during the changes in March...seems kind of crazy to me haha. lots of pressure too.  President is always saying how this needs to be the model district that the whole mission looks to.

Oh and I haven't been driving yet, I have to still go and apply for my licence...well first I need my Honduran residence card which takes awhile, but President says that I'm probably going to be the only one with a licence in the office because the rest don't really know how to drive haha. It's going to be pretty crazy.  And I also have to pay for the license with my personal money so I'll be making a withdrawel soon for that...

On Friday we got some really exciting news, we have this investigator who has been wanting to get baptized for a long time but has been waiting to get permission from the First Presidency.  His wife got baptized about a month ago, and Friday we got the letter of permission signed by the First Presidency.  So we scrambled to get everything coordinated and get the baptismal service ready for Saturday.  It was a little tough because Hilario (our investigator) and his wife Maxima are very old and can't walk very far or stand up for that long.  So we made a bunch of calls to find someone who could pick them up with their car.  Finally we found someone with a bus from the other ward that was willing to help us out.  We would have just called a taxi but taxis don't go to that area because it is too dangerous.  Everything turned out great with the baptism though.  All the missionaries from the office and President Flores were there.  I'm very grateful that we were able to complete that family.

Sunday I had to talk in church, I wasn't as nervous this time even though it was for twenty minutes.  I just taught the Restoration and showed the members what we as missionaries teach.  The ward here is awesome though, I'm really looking forward to working here and that I'll be able to be around for the next few months....If I'm here for as long as the President said I'll be here until August 1st....maybe longer.  YIKES.

So a couple things...I hope you havent already sent Nutela because right by the office theres this place called Price Smart and its basically like Costco..I actually think that its a Costco or Sam´s brand, anyways I can find a lot of stuff there. BUT if you DO send a package, I will always LOVE beef jerkey, sour patch kids/swedish fish, and tide to go pens or wipes. oh and another thing...I'm about half way through my journal, so if at some point in the very near future someone could buy and send me one of the same kinds of moleskins that David got me last christmas that would be great.

Has David and Whitney decided where they want to go yet between, Colorado or Washington?  What's Heather up to lately,  how are John  and Kelli  doing  with everything in CO?   Brett and Ashley with the new baby to come and work? Matt and Ali in LA?

...another thing haha...sorry for being so random hah. but ive been looking at some external hardrives here to be able to back up all my pictures and videos because im running out of space on my thumbdrive...theres a nice Samsung one i saw for 2,500 lemps which is about 125 dollars and its a terabyte of memory theres some that are a  little less expensive but are only half the memory for 100 bucks. and some that are more expensive. its because i know the guy that owns the office depot thats selling it and he said that he would give me a good deal...i think it be really nice to have so i dont lose all the talks/music/pictures/videos i have. i could be crazy for thinking about getting it...your opinions? im positive that it wont get stolen here if that were to be a worry. but yeah just thought id ask your opinion about what to do about protecting my files.

Hey well my times about up (we have 40 minutes to write now) I miss you tons Mom and Dad and I love reading your letters. I'm  praying for you always. Our missions are passing by extremely fast, I've already got 7 months and it feels like you were dropping me off at the MTC just yesterday haha. I love you guys, keep working hard and inspiring the future generations of the church in Germany. You are amazing.

Well, I love you all.  I would love to read letters from you all and see some pictures of what everyone is doing. You're all in my prayers.  The Church is true.  The Book of Mormon is true.  This is a Marvelous work.  The missionaries just need to work hard, keep focused, be happy and not over complicate things.  Simplify your life, be worthy of the promptings of the Spirit.

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Archibald

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